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Unexpected Reasons To Write a Book

Unexpected Reasons to Write a Book

Andrea Seydel Book Doula Writing Coach & Founder of LLH Publishing

Most of us want to write a book. Maybe we like the idea of sharing our knowledge or experience with the world. Or maybe we want to grow our business and credibility. No matter what your reasons are when considering writing a book, most writers struggle with getting started and sticking with it. But there might be some unexpected reasons to write a book that might motivate you to get started! Here are some additional reasons that you may not have considered that might help get you motivated to write your book: 1. You Grow Your Personal Brand & Authority You have a great opportunity to share your thoughts, knowledge and experience with the world. How does writing a book build your #brand? When you write a book you raise your visibility and profile with the world. You will gain media exposure and establish yourself as an authority. Additionally the credibility and notoriety that comes along with writing your book adds to the brand that is you. The message in your book extends your platform and establishes your author brand and authority. You new title becomes Author! The benefits of writing a book is that you can establish yourself as an authority on a subject. 2. You Can Re-Purpose Your Content To write a book you will need to organize your content, build out sections and learn about your target reader. The benefit to this is that you have a targeted built out program that you can re-purpose the content and create online programs, digital courses and use for social media posts. 3. You Gain a Sense of Accomplishment Another benefit of writing a book is the sense of #accomplishment that comes from book creation. It feels very satisfying to see your book coming to life, especially because when attempting it seemed impossible. We don't write books everyday so it is a new challenge and pushes us out of our comfort zone, resulting in a sense the achievement. Not to mention that fact that your experience and knowledge shared can leave a legacy and also help numerous people. 4. You Learn and Grow as a Person Not only does reading help you gain knowledge, writing books can actually also contribute to personal growth. You end up gaining more knowledge and expertise through additional research, interviewing, and self discovery. Writing also helps you find you voice and speak your truth! 5. You Gain Additional Revenue Opportunities By writing a book, #entrepreneurs and professionals can build their personal brand, establish their expertise and build trust with potential clients. Credibility matters and helps promote services in addition to the royalties received from publishing a book. By using the material you can offer courses, workshops, online programs or coaching around the topic of your book. Also, having a product to offer your following is of great value to offer clients. If you have been thinking that writing a book could help people, establish your authority, help you grow your business, add opportunities to you life, or contribute to your own personal growth... The time is now! There are so many reasons to record and share your ideas, knowledge and expertise with the world through a book. I believe books change lives, and not just for the reader, but also the author. In fact, I have devoted my entire career towards helping people give birth to books through my Book Doula (writing coach) services and Publishing Company. Book creation can actually be fun and rewarding. Find out about my creative GIVE BIRTH TO YOUR BOOK services that can help you write and publish your work at

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