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The Ultimate Book Writing Starter Kit

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

The Ultimate Book Writing Starter Kit- By Andrea Seydel Writing Coach

How To Get Started Writing Your Book Today.

I bet you find it hard to find time and the bandwidth to write your book. Despite the best intention to create content, other obligations, limiting beliefs and perfectionism seem to stand in the way. Welcome to the world of book creation! It can be hard to get started writing your book, but BOOKS CHANGE LIVES is the bottom line. So I have devised an Ultimate Book Writing Starter Kit to help you get Started Writing Your Book Today. The question becomes, whose life will you touch with your book? Let's get started.

1. Setting Up a Supportive Writing Environment.

You may think you don't have time to set up a suitable environment for writing, but disorganization and clutter cost you time, focus and energy. Put effort into creating an environment that feels good and promotes efficiency, creativity and focus.

TIPS: Purge your space. Establish work zones. Clear off your desk. Clear piles and clutter. Think about what motivates you and will put you into the "writing zone." Maybe candles, incense, music, or no music at all. Set the environment to make you feel excited, creative and ready to write!

2. Overcome limiting beliefs.

Deciding to write a book can be intimidating. You might ask questions like, What if nobody reads it? What if my writing is terrible? Who am I to write a book? What if it's not perfect? You may also catch yourself stating things like, I have no time or, I am not good enough. These are common questions and statements that can form limiting beliefs that might hold you back from writing your book.


  1. Choose your desired outcome.

  2. Exaggerate the desired result if you want to discover any hidden limiting beliefs.

  3. Question your limiting beliefs.

  4. Consider the consequences of your limiting beliefs.

  5. Use the "That's not true because..." test.

  6. Choose a new empowering view to adopt.

  7. Keep strengthening your new view.

3. Create a Book Outline.

After picking a topic and knowing the forthcoming book's desired outcome, one of the first things I do with my writing clients is to establish a book outline. An outline allows you to categorize and follow a structure. The system will establish your workflow and focus. Essentially, a strategy helps keep you on task and focused. The first step to writing your book is to set your book outline.

TIPS: Brain dump all ideas. Organize ideas into categories. Edit the entire brain dump. Establish potential book sections. Consider the reader. What does the possible reader struggle with? What problem are you solving in your book? What must you include? DUMP, ORGANIZE, EDIT. These questions will help you with a potential outline.

4. Develop a Writing Habit.

One of the biggest reasons authors don't publish their book is because they never complete the book they have in their heart and mind. Action is the key to finishing a book. Daily action or habit is necessary for writing and completing your book. According to the book Atomic Habits, James Clear talks about the effects of small practices and how they compound over time! Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement.


  1. Focus on the one habit you want to create.

  2. Form the new practice and commit to it for 90 days.

  3. Take baby steps—plan for obstacles.

  4. Create accountability for your habit.

  5. Reward and treat your milestones.

Please take pleasure in the completion of the new practice itself. Make realistic writing goals.

5. Schedule Book Writing Time.

It is one thing to have a goal, but it is another to put it in your calendar. Sounds simple, but it is necessary. Scheduling is the art of planning and being able to reach goals and priorities. If it is scheduled, it gets done. When you plan your calendar and schedule things in, this system will help you stay on track to get essential projects, like book writing, done. Life gets busy, and we need to put the daily actions required to reach our goals. Daily habits and time devoted to your book writing will help you turn blank pages into your book.


  1. Use a calendar or planner.

  2. Organize tasks.

  3. Prioritize your tasks.

  4. Mark your goals and the actions needed to accomplish your goals.

  5. Put those action steps into your schedule.

  6. Be consistent and follow through.

  7. Schedule a time for your writing that is realistic and supportive for you.

  8. Try time blocking or chunking.

  9. Be mindful of your energy and creativity levels.

6. Deal With Distractions.

Distractions negatively impact productivity, focus and potential. What's more, interruptions and distractions slow momentum and results. Halting work stops the benefit of activation energy. Activation energy is the additional energy needed to start something. Once the ball is rolling, you can be more productive. Limiting and dealing with distractions is essential for book creation.


  1. Put your phone in silence or another room while working.

  2. Turn off access to anything that will distract you.

  3. Deep breathe and regain focus when distracted.

  4. Keep vision and goals in mind.

  5. Declare what you want to focus on and for how long.

  6. Ask for respect and privacy while writing.

  7. Take time away from potential distractions.

  8. Consider a writing retreat.

  9. Manage your momentum.

  10. Skip (for now) challenging or tough parts that make you feel stuck.

7. Work With a Writing Coach (link)

What if there was an efficient, professional way to publish your book without having to figure out the entire process. Don't spend any more time trying to do things on your own. Hire a writing coach to help you bring all the details together to make your book ready to publish so you can leave a lasting legacy. As a Book Doula, I can help you painlessly give birth to your book. My proven Book Doula System helps turn dreamers into achievers and life changers through Book-Birthing. I'll save you time, energy and effort as I support and guide you through fun yet effective system of book creation. Set up a book birthing discovery call today. (link)

Books Change Lives: Whose Life Will You Touch With Yours

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