Hey there, I'm Andrea.

AKA The Book Doula...


I believe that books change lives. Whether you're a lover of learning, an aspiring author, or want to Live Life Happy, I'm Your Gal!


I help people painlessly give birth to books, and I take the expertise and knowledge from book creation to help change lives- I do this through book coaching, writing retreats, publishing and bookclubs. You might say I'm slightly obsessed with books!!

I am so glad our path has crossed!!

Hugs Andrea!!

P.S  Check out my latest book, Live Life  Happy One Day at a   Time!!




Do you love someone with an addiction? Are you struggling? 


YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There is no mistaking it - drug abuse is a worldwide epidemic. If someone you know is caught in the grip of addiction, you are no doubt living in your own personal nightmare.


Whether you are dealing with the turmoil that comes from loving someone with an addiction or feeling broken and knocked down from the aftermath, Saving You Is Killing Me is your go-to book and podcast that can help you take back your power and your life.




7-time best-selling author and founder of LLH Publishing. 


Through her Bookclubs, thriving Facebook community and Top-Ranked Podcast, Andrea helps you Live your life Happily!  Andrea has been lovingly nicknamed "The Book Doula" as she has helped hundreds of leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs give birth to their own books. 


Whether she is highlighting best-selling books in her Bookclubs, or helping aspiring authors give birth to books, every entrepreneur can bypass overwhelm, time constraints and self-doubt, and instead generate exciting momentum as they move closer to their dreams, sense of achievement and a life they love.


Discover how Andrea turned her deficits into assets and how you can benefit too!

Top-Ranked Podcast, 

Live Life Happy 


Do you love learning but it hard to find time to read? Do you love putting 

knowledge into action but sometimes forget the valuable learning? 

From best-selling authors to top experts in positive psychology and the latest research on well-being, Live Life Happy is an unconventional approach to reading books. Andrea provides the listener with actionable nuggets, inspiration and efficient delivery of hot topics! 



Write & Publish Your Book...

Why Not You? 


The hardest part of writing a book isn't getting published. It's about getting out of your own dam way! Lack of time, inner critic, imposter syndrome, overwhelm, fear... I've had them all and sadly, see it holding people back all the time.

What if there was a way to start and finish your book without overwhelm, self-doubt, or crippling procrastination?

What if you had support, help and guidance from someone who has gone before you and you could not fail? 

There is a bigger cost to NOT writing your book! As a Book Doula, I help you, the expectant author,  painlessly give birth to your book (no matter what self-doubt creeps in) so you can begin, stay motivated, and finish writing that book you dream about!-- no epidural needed!

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Write & Publish Your Children's Book In 90 Days


 Publishing that helps you Live Life Happy.

Let's work together.

Some of my services include: 

  • Positive Psychology Life Coaching

  • Hosting Unconventional Bookclubs (Private & Public Event Monthly) 

  • 90-DAY Book Coaching (Book Doula Services) 

  • Book Outline Creation (Book Doula Services)

  • Hybrid Publishing Services

  • Speaking, Webinars & Workshops 

Find out about upcoming Book Launch Parties, Writing Retreats, and Book Club Events!