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6-time best-selling author and founder of LLH Publishing. 


Through her Bookclubs, thriving Facebook community and Top-Ranked Podcast, Andrea helps you Live your life Happy!  Andrea has been lovingly nick named "The Book Doula" as she has helped hundreds of leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs give birth to their own books. 


Whether she is highlighting best selling books in her Bookclubs, or helping aspiring authors give birth to books, every entrepreneur can bypass overwhelm, time constraints and self-doubt, and instead generate exciting momentum as they move closer to their dreams, sense of achievement and a life they love.


Discover how Andrea turned her deficits into assets and how you can benefit too!

The Top-Ranked Podcast, 

Live Life Happy 


Do you love learning, but hard to find time to read? Do you love putting 

knowledge into action but sometimes forget the valuable learning? 

From best selling authors, to top experts in the field of positive psychology and the latest research on well-being, Live Life Happy is an unconventional approach to reading books. Andrea provides the listener with actionable nuggets, inspiration and an efficient delivery of hot topics! 



Join this fun and Unconventional approach to reading!

Dive into the world of positive psychology coaching.


An opportunity to:

  • Explore key concepts in-depth

  • Put knowledge into action, and

  • Save a ton of time!

To experience these educational sessions your first session of this unique approach is free, .


What's Are Your Goals? 

I want turn my knowledge 

into a published book!


If you're thinking about how you want to share your knowledge with the world, writing a book can be easy and painless with my Book Doula Method! The idea is to get that book of yours written and published so you can start changing lives!

Let's set up a discovery call. 

I want to transform my life with knowledge


Do you want to build community in your membership group or company?

A Bookclub is an entertaining and educational way to bring your people together to learn. 

Let's set up a call to get a customized Bookclub started for you. 

Work with me! I'd love to work with you! Some of my services include: 

  • Positive Psychology Life Coaching

  • Hosting Unconventional Bookclubs (Private & Public Event Monthly) 

  • 90-DAY Book Coaching (Book Doula Services) 

  • Weekend Writing Course

  • Writing Retreats 

  • Speaking & Workshops 

Find out about upcoming Writing Retreats, Bookclub Events,

and more!

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