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From Capstone to Bestseller: Your Genius Unveiled!

🎉 Hey, Brilliant Scholar! 🎉

Guess what? Your capstone project or dissertation doesn't have to gather dust on some forgotten shelf. Let's breathe vibrant life into it and transform it into... drumroll please...



You’ve put in the effort: Deep dived into research? ✅
Burning the midnight oil writing? ✅
Endured those caffeine-charged nights? ✅

Let’s Make it Effortless Now:
I’m your Book Doula! 🧚‍♀️ And I've got the expertise to guide you through the birthing process of your book — painlessly and beautifully. Instead of laboring over the transformation, think of this as a rejuvenating journey where your intellectual offspring finds its voice.

Here’s the Plan:

  1. We’ll craft a compelling table of contents, drawing from your masterpiece.

  2. After that, feel the relief and exhilaration as my publishing company takes the reins! We ensure a smooth, stress-free transition from manuscript to masterpiece.


Imagine this: Your dedication doesn't just stop at earning grades. It becomes a beacon, touching lives and filling your coffers with well-deserved royalties.

So, what do you think? Ready to take the leap into the literary world? Ready to inspire, influence, and maybe even earn a spot on that best-seller list?

Turn Your Scholarly Sweat into Page-Turning Success!
Set up a discovery call with me today. Let's bring your vision to life, guiding every step with precision and care. Because your brilliance deserves to be unveiled to the world. And together, we’ll ensure it's an unforgettable debut.

Warm regards,
Your Book Doula 💖📚👩‍⚕️

Andrea Seydel

Ready to Transform Your Work? Book a Call Today!

Andrea Seydel

Hello, I'm Andrea

With a foundational degree in psychology complemented by advanced studies in Positive Psychology, my journey has always gravitated towards understanding and amplifying human potential. As the proud founder of Live Life Happy Publishing, I've steered hundreds of authors toward realizing their publishing dreams.

My own journey as an author has led me to pen numerous bestsellers, and I never cease to be a student myself. Each week, I immerse myself in 3-5 books, ever expanding my horizons.

With a legacy spanning two decades in the publishing realm, I've seen firsthand the transformative power of books. It's a belief deeply ingrained in me that scholarly pursuits shouldn't be confined to hard drives or dusty shelves. They have the potential to touch lives, inspire change, and resonate on a global scale.

The Benefits of Publishing:

  • Established Credibility: Fortify your authority and expertise in your respective field.

  • Career Advancements: Unlock unprecedented professional opportunities and avenues.

  • Speaking Engagements: Command attention on platforms, seminars, and conferences worldwide.

  • Royalty Streams: Earn from your dedication and hard work, creating a consistent revenue channel.

  • Legacy Creation: Ensure your insights, research, and knowledge endure and inspire generations to come.


Dive into the world of publishing, and let your hard work resonate with the masses.

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Your Journey From Dissertation to Published Book: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Initial Assessment:

    • Purpose: Review your capstone/dissertation to gauge its potential for a wider readership.

    • Outcome: Identify the core strengths, areas of interest, and any gaps that need addressing.

  2. Establishing the Table of Contents:

    • Purpose: Organize the content in a logical flow, ensuring the narrative is engaging and coherent.

    • Outcome: A structured layout that will guide the book's progression.

  3. Book Content Direction & Audience Identification:

    • Purpose: Determine the tone, style, and approach of the book. Decide who the target readers are, and understand their preferences and needs.

    • Outcome: A clear vision of the book's voice and the audience it caters to.

  4. Leave It to Andrea: First Draft Creation:

    • Purpose: Transform your academic content into a reader-friendly format, maintaining the essence but making it accessible to a wider audience.

    • Outcome: A polished first draft that resonates with your identified audience.

  5. Review & Revisions:

    • Purpose: Collaboratively assess the first draft. Highlight areas for enhancement, refinement, or any additional content needed.

    • Outcome: A refined manuscript that aligns with both academic rigor and mainstream appeal.

  6. Finalize the Manuscript:

    • Purpose: Final touches, proofreading, and ensuring the manuscript is ready for the publishing phase.

    • Outcome: A perfected book, ready to make its mark in the world.

  7. Publication:

    • Purpose: Start the publishing process with Live Life Happy Publishing, from cover design to distribution channels.

    • Outcome: Your dissertation is now a published book, available to readers everywhere.

  8. Post-Publication Support (added support):

    • Purpose: Assist with marketing strategies, book business, and gathering reviews. Ensure the book reaches its intended audience and garners the attention it deserves.

    • Outcome: A successful book and continued support to maximize its reach and impact.


Your Book's Journey Begins Here: Start Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How long does the process typically take?
    The journey from dissertation to a published book can be swift with us. Expect about 1 month for manuscript creation and an additional 2 months for the publishing process.

  2. Will I retain the rights to my work?
    Absolutely. You always retain the rights to your work. When you work with Andrea and Live Life Happy Publishing, you're commissioning our expertise to bolster and support your mission, not to claim it.

  3. How are royalties handled?
    You will receive 100% of the royalties. We set you up with your own author platform to ensure a seamless and transparent royalty process.

  4. How much does the service cost?
    Our fee structure is designed to be transparent and fair. Specific fees and structures are discussed during the discovery call to tailor our services to your needs.

  5. Can you actually make money from your book?
    Indeed, you can! Royalties depend on the number of books sold. On average, our authors see royalty ranges from $1,000 to $8,000 per month.

  6. Will my book be available on Amazon?
    Yes, your book will be available everywhere books are sold. Since we are a recognized publishing company, it won't just be limited to Amazon. Your work will be accessible through all expanded distributors like Barnes & Noble, Indigo, and even local bookstores.

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Testimonial Dr. Elaine O'Brien 

"I had invested years of dedication into my capstone, creating a piece that was rich in academic rigor but seemed confined to scholarly circles. Enter Andrea. She single-handedly transformed my intricate, academically-written work into a brilliantly crafted book tailored for a wider audience. What I perceived as an insurmountable challenge, she effortlessly reshaped, molding the dense content into a captivating bestseller.

Her professionalism in publishing is unparalleled. Every intricacy, every decision, every step was managed with precision, leaving me stress-free. Thanks to Andrea, I've not only published one, but two books that are genuinely making an impact, altering lives for the better. Beyond the acclaim, the opportunities, credibility, and royalties I've gained have been phenomenal. Achieving this once seemed beyond reach, but with Andrea, the impossible became reality."

Discover the Path to Publishing: Talk to Andrea!

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Discover the Potential of Your Project!
Ever gazed at your capstone or dissertation and wondered if it has the potential to grace the shelves as a bestseller? With just a few clicks, unravel the possibilities.

Presenting our specially curated quiz: "Is Your Project Ready to Become a Bestselling Book?". Designed to offer insights and assess the readiness of your academic endeavor, this quiz takes you on a brief exploration of what could be your next big achievement.

Whether you're just curious or genuinely eager to embark on a publishing journey, take a leap! Dive in, answer a few questions, and see where your project stands in the vast literary landscape.

And remember, regardless of the results, every project holds untapped potential. It's all about finding the right guidance to sculpt and shape it. Are you ready to uncover yours?

[Start the Quiz Now]

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