Sometimes life gives you lemons how I turn struggle into lemonade! 


Throughout my life, I've learned some valuable principles that have been instrumental in my development. Life isn't perfect, but we can learn and grow while we struggle well. 


How I went from attention deficit disorder and anxiety-ridden childhood... to a Yoga Instructor, a Psychology student with no clear career direction... to best selling author, podcaster helping thousands of people, as a life coach and book doula. 


When you are in the clouds, sometimes it is hard to see the sun! But the sun is always there, and this is my story...

My guiding principles... 


Let Enthusiasm and Joy Be Your Magnet


If you follow what brings you joy and spend your life doing what brings you happiness, you are more likely to find success. I often thought my unconventional career was going nowhere and lacked focus. But where enthusiasm and passion led me, happiness and success followed.


I went from a fitness instructor to a nutritionist-weight-loss coach. From Yoga Instructor to life-balance magazine editor. From self-publishing author to book doula, from editor to CEO of my publishing house. My guiding principle to follow my enthusiasm and excitement started at a young age as a strong-willed competitive gymnast. Intrigued by the power of the mind and body, I choose to study biology and psychology. While at university, I wanted to stay active; I followed my desire to teach fitness and yoga. The best thing about it was I got paid to do what I love, plus the free membership was a bonus.  My love of yoga and passion for teaching and doing yoga lead me to a successful yoga studio business. It was my passion to eat healthily and stay fit, so I decided to become educated and certified as a nutritionist. Little did I know that I'd be helping hundreds of women lose weight, using my psychology, nutrition and fitness knowledge. Entirely unaware that my magazine and obsessions with reading would lead to book clubs, podcasts and publishing. One thing is certain: everything I do contributes to human flourishing and well-being! Although my career is unconventional, I continue to let enthusiasm and joy act as my daily compass! 



Do what you love and love what you do,

and your path will be shown.



Stay In Your Own Lane


Keep making yourself better. Become so busy developing your own growth and learning that you have no time to be concerned with what others are doing. My career is 100% devoted to self-development and helping others to keep growing, learning and getting better.


Social Comparison is when we compare ourselves to others, and we start to lose confidence in our own greatness as a result. I've noticed that I am happier and more motivated when I don't do 'envy and jealousy' but rather use others as inspiration. 

As a life coach,  I remember one client I had was really struggling with her confidence level. She often compared herself to others and how she measured up against them. She 'friended' me on social media, and to be honest, I didn't even recognize her social persona. A couple of things were interesting to me about this: 1. She was not happy with her life, but her social media portrayed a completely different story. 2. She was upset with her life because she was comparing herself to others.  CRAZY right? Fake profiles, fake confidence and false representation. Social comparison can be paralyzing. 


By running your own race, you can focus on what you're supposed to do to make yourself happy. By staying in your own lane, you will live more authentically. Authenticity is about showing up and being real. Helping others live authentically, keep growing and learning while passionately making a positive impact on others- drives me as a human! 


Don't compare your life to others. There's no

comparison between the sun and the moon.

They shine when it's their time. 



B.A. Psychology

RNCP Registered Nutrition Consulting Practitioner

PPP Positive Psychology Practitioner 

CPC Certified Professional Coach

CAPP Certificate In Applied Positive Psychology 

CPPC Certified Positive Psychology Coach 

ERYT Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher

CNVC Certified Non Violent Communication Trainer 

NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

WISP Well-Being In-School Support Practitioner 

Mental Health First Aid & Applied Suicide Intervention Training 

Life Is Tough, But So Are You!


It's not going always to be rainbows and butterflies. Life isn't always perfect or easy and doesn't always make sense. These experiences put us on different paths, allow for growth and create new opportunities.


Some of my personal struggles have been: divorce, multiple miscarriages, sexual assault, ADD, betrayal, trauma from my boyfriend's hidden drug addiction... to name a few. I am not sharing my challenges with you for sympathy or a pity party, but rather to emphasize that you never know what someone is dealing with and struggling through. Part of being human is the fact that we will endure struggle. All we can do is focus on what is within our own power to change, learn, or focus on so we can thrive. 

Life can be hard at times. Be Kind, and you never know what kind of battle someone is fighting. 

School Anxiety- How I went from anxiety to empowerment. 

One year, I almost missed an entire year of school. I had such bad anxiety. I couldn't miss any more days, or they would have to hold me back. Terrifying panic attacks and anxiety crippled me.  My dad gave me a book called One day at a time (no longer in print), and my mom taught me about the power of using your mind, to help me get through this challenge. This knowledge became the learning, support and growth I needed in order to be resilient.  I got through the challenge and actually learned a lot from experience. I believe this was the brith of my love of learning and reading obsession.  

The mind is a powerful force and you have power over your mind, not outside events. At a young age, I had to learn these powerful resiliency tools. I learned that you never know how strong you are until being strong is the choice you have to make. We all face different struggles and we are remarkably resilient! Going through struggle also taught me incredible compassion. I believe my career and life focus is a blessing and birthed from my struggles and learning. Through my life I try to never let any struggle go to waste! I learn, grow and help others who might be going through something similar. 

There is opportunity in every difficulty

Flowersdessert andreaseydel resilient

Silver Lining to Every Cloud 


I've discovered that sometimes the traumatic things in our lives put us on the path towards the best things in our lives.


The Stabbing Truth


Sometimes we need shocking and even traumatic events to make us realize just how fragile our lives can be. These moments allow us to check-in and reevaluate what is really important and what difference we want to make in this world.


One summer, I provided first aid to a young teenage boy named Joey. He had been dropped from a car in the middle of the parking lot, where I was parked. He looked grey in colour, covered with blood and clearly needed help. Upon waiting for paramedics to arrive, I provided first aid. I struggle to put pressure on one of the multiple stab wounds on his body, and I was able to speak with him in hopes of keeping him alive. He finally told me his name while coming in and out of consciousness. I kept asking him to stay with me and telling him that there are lots to live for. Then, it happened, I looked down, and I noticed a rapidly growing large circle of blood under his body. I knew this was NOT a good sign. I remember saying under my breath at that moment, "Oh my god."-- and just like that, he passed away... Someone's son, brother, friend, boyfriend, cousin, nephew... He just lost his life!

Who knows what the story was behind this fatality, but it changed my life forever. As a result of this trauma, I knew I wanted to make a difference and support teen mental health and resilience. I knew I needed to get out of my own way and birth my teen empowerment book series! Even if they help one teen. 

My Super Power: Attention Deficit Disorder!


Sometimes what seems like the worse diagnosis or realization of what might be perceived as a deficit, weakness or fault, can lead to wonderful things. I shifted my mindset and turned my ADD into a superpower. 


I never saw my ADD as a disorder or illness. Yes, I get distracted easily. Yes, I am hyperactive and restless at times. Yes, my brain goes a mile a minute, and I am sometimes impulsive.  I even have difficulty paying attention to multiple things. How I cope with all these so-called symptoms actually ends up making me a better person. My coping strategies make my ADD a superpower! It makes me: more active, practise yoga, be more mindful, use organization strategies, read super fast, collect information and learn rapidly. What once used caused me the energy of shame turned into a fun asset. My friends even used to ask me to speed read their books for them and come back with the highlights. Which I love because it helps feed my busy mind. You can see The Live Life Happy Podcast book highlights, and the unconventional bookclubs are all birthed as a result of my  ADD! 


My deficit actually has become my asset!! 

We can train our mind to see something good
in Everything!

Andrea's Professional Introduction/ BIO


Andrea offers positive psychology life coaching services, writing retreats, book coaching services, and unconventional bookclubs. Andrea is lovingly called the "Book Doula" as she helps individuals painlessly give birth to books. Andrea is a Positive Psychology Practitioner, Certified Life Coach and 6-time best-selling author. She is the founder of Live Life Happy Publishing and single resilient mother of two children.  She lives in Caledon Ontario. 

Knowledge is power, knowledge shared is power multiplied. 


By now you have picked up on my obsession with books and love of learning. My mom used to give me a 5 book a week restriction at the library. When my siblings would want to go shopping, I'd ask to be dropped off at Barnes and Noble. 


Books are little packages of knowledge, learning opportunities, and have the potential to change lives! I know they have mine. I realized, since I have published and read so many books, I really understand the process of writing, birthing and publishing. I also know first hand the impact that books can have on lives. Following and using my passion, experience and superpower, I decided to: 1. Launch my podcast, where I highlight books and share the actionable advice to put knowledge into action. 2. Help people give birth to their own books so they can share their expertise and make a difference and 3. I host unconventional book clubs where I highlight and coach the content to help busy people grow and flourish. 


Keep Going... life can be tough at times. You never know who you are inspiring, who you are touching, or who's life you are saving.... and so I do....

Andrea Seydel

Let's see how we can work together!

I am so glad our paths have crossed!

Let's talk. I'd love to hear your story, dreams and desires. Let me know if I can help you along the way.

Some of my services include: 

  • Positive Psychology Life Coaching

  • Hosting Unconventional Bookclubs (Private membership & Public Groups) 

  • Book Coaching (Book Doula Services) 

  • Writing Retreats

  • Publishing 

  • Speaking & Workshops 

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