-Andrea Seydel 

Every day may not be good but there is something good in everyday. It's my job (passion) to spread the science of well being and offer a toolkit of support and resources to help others move towards their mental, physical and life goals. I take great pride in my education, experience and credibility. When I connect with people I strive to energize and inspire them to live a fun, happy and meaningful life. Every single ounce of my formal education has played a role in my holistic approach to coaching, training and programming and has afforded me a unique perspective and a comprehensive toolbox. 

I am passionate about people. I get extremely excited for my clients when they demonstrate their fullest potential and flourish. Nothing makes me more happy than helping others achieve personal goals and witnessing personal confidence and self compassion. 

It is a great pleasure to train, educate and coach clients around the subject of positive psychology, self development and well-being. I have a degree in psychology from York University and have taken post graduate studies in nutrition and applied positive psychology. 

I am excited to say I have helped over 10,000+ people lose weight and/or change their lives for the better. Nothing makes me more happy and excited than helping others to reach their fullest potential, have huge success and live life happy! 


What began as a young person’s enthusiasm for life, happiness, and the strong desire to make people smile has grown into my life long devotion to inspiring individuals to use their mental power, positivity and effective living strategies to benefit them on all levels.... because LIFE IS MEANT TO BE FUN!! 


Through my early work as a nutritionist in weight loss and life coaching, I've discovered a widespread need for psychological support around self-efficacy, effective thinking strategies and communication. With a passion for NLP and the power of our language, I got trained in Non-Violent Communication. I also care very much for the mental health of our teens and young adults. I love spending time teaching resiliency skills to teens and young adults as a suicide intervention, anxiety and depression First Aid. 


"Her enthusiasm and passion, for helping people find ways to be effective, happy and balanced, combined with her health and fitness knowledge make self regulation almost contagious. Andrea is affectionately called “sunshine” by her friends, participants and clients." -Brenda 


Despite many of my own obstacles and challenges, I continues to follow my passion to live life happy and spend much of my life helping others find there own strength, courage and power to do the same.


Remember,  "Every dark cloud has a silver lining."  Life is NOT perfect, but I believe we can find the silver lining! Let me help you Live Life Happy. 




B.A. Psychology

RNCP Registered Nutrition Consulting Practitioner

PPP Positive Psychology Practitioner 

CPC Certified Professional Coach 

CPPC Certified Positive Psychology Coach 

ERYT Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher

CNVC Certified Non Violent Communication Trainer 

NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

WISP Well-Being In-School Support Practitioner 

Mental Health First Aid & Applied Suicide Intervention Training 

Andrea works with youth, teens and young adults, teaching mental resiliency and applied positive psychology!! She also teaches the power of mindset and positive psychology around weight management and self esteem for women and girls! Through her coaching, programs and training she spreads the science of well-being! Andrea has a degree in psychology and post graduate studies in applied positive psychology. She is a certified Life Coach, Yoga Instructor and Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner.
She turned her reading addiction and love of learning into an Unconventional book club Podcast, Live Life Happy,  where she reads and highlights the books for you. She is also an author of numerous books and founder of LLH Publishing. 
Andrea is a proud mom of two and can be reached at andreaseydel.com 
Let me know how I might serve you to make your world and the live of others more joyful and fun!