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Andrea Seydel Weekend Writing retreat

Start your book, create an outline, and get well on your way to a finished manuscript in one weekend!

Finding time, clarity, motivation and the bandwidth to write your book is hard. Despite the best intentions to create content, other obligations get priority. Having written more than 20 books and helping hundreds of others write their books, I get it! 


Finding and devoting time and a straightforward writing structure can take much work and feel overwhelming. That's why I created The Weekend Writing Retreat—focused, structured time to devote to your book creation. 


How much can you get done in one weekend? You would be surprised!

By limiting distractions, following my proven structured book doula system and allowing yourself time to focus, you will be energized by your progress, amazed by your knowledge, and encouraged to finish your book.

Are distractions, lack of time, and limiting beliefs holding you back from writing and finishing your book? It's incredible how much you can accomplish in one weekend of concentrated, focused and targeted work.


It's like putting a big Do Not Disturb sign on the door and for a weekend?

The Weekend Writing Retreat

Through Book-Birthing and my proven Book Doula System, I help turn dreamers into achievers!


I help expectant authors painlessly give birth to their books! I do this through concrete, systematic and doable steps. I'll save you time, energy and effort as I support and guide you through a fun yet effective book creation system. 

As a best-selling author and founder of Live Life Happy Publishing, I will lovingly and professionally work with you throughout the weekend while we walk through the steps of brain-dumbing, organizing, and creating. We systematically bring your book to life.

In This Online-Interactive 

Weekend Writing Retreat,

You Will Learn: 


How to stop thinking about writing your book and start doing it- You will gain so much momentum this weekend that you will fast-track your book creation. My well-paced weekend puts you into action and focus right away. There is no room for self-doubt, procrastination,  or perfectionism as I keep you moving forward on your book creation goals. 


A new mindset that will shift you to a productive, focused state- If you ever doubted your ability and authority or felt stressed and overwhelmed about writing- this is for you. You are an AUTHORPRENEUR! As your writing coach, I will draw on your strengths while holding the group in a place of creativity so you can remain productive and on task to finish your book outline. 


The simplest, most effective, step-by-step strategy for book outline creation dramatically cuts down on time and energy yet still delivers a powerful rough draft of your book. Clear explanations and modules (stages of book pregnancy) are provided and taught in manageable nuggets throughout the weekend. 


To define your book idea and hook- A clear, proven structure and mapped-out plan to help you craft where your book is going and why. You have the why and the drive. Let me worry about the how! You will see your book coming to life before your eyes as we craft together a book outline that will solve problems, offer solutions and have a clear outcome while making a huge impact. 


The single most effective way to write your book- Don't spend any more time doubtful, procrastinating, or searching for the time. In one weekend, you will maximize your focus and leverage time. If you have a year to write a book, you will take a year. If you have a weekend to create your outline, you will have a clear direction to implement the completion of our book. My proven book doula system and weekend writing retreat is the most effective way to start and finish your book. 

If ANY of the following resonate with you, you don't want to miss The Weekend Writing Retreat!

You’d like to turn your hard-earned knowledge and passion into additional income streams that serves or helps others and yourself


You have been curious how you can create your own book to grow your business but haven’t been able to find time and are unsure where to start


You want to extend your reach and influence by sharing what you know but fearful you have zero time to write your book


You want to attend a weekend retreat that will provide you with both inspiration and transformation while gaining traction towards your writing goals


The Weekend Writing Retreat Details

During the online live Weekend Writing Retreat, you will receive the following: 

  • Group online guidance and meetings on both days

  • Specific step-by-step guidance 

  • A roadmap and plan to follow

  • Writing support 

  • Group support and co-working energy

  • Publishing consultation and coaching

  • Book creation framework and outline support

  • Professional feedback 

  • Personal access to writing coach The Book Doula

  • Open co-work time together


  • Roll into one-on-one coaching (take the fee from The Weekend Writing Retreat off The Write Your Book in 90-Days one-on-one coaching services)

  • Roll into publishing (take the fee from The Weekend Writing Retreat off publishing services) 

  • Gain access to Join The Author's Fertility Clinics held weekly. This is our co-working time to write to get your book done or work on book promotions. Available to all Live Life Happy Writing and publishing clients. 

  • A whole host of support from te Live Life Happy Publishing Community. 

Online Live Weekend Writing Retreat 

One-day live event held Saturday's 8 am-4 pm ET and

Optional self-write-co-work time Sunday's 9 am-noon ET

Investment $499

Upcoming retreats are:

Saturday, January 28th 

Saturday, March 4th

Andrea Seydel

A note from Andrea- The Book Doula!!

I can help you painlessly give birth to your book so you can change lives, boost your career, and show up in a big way.

I've been writing books and publishing since the day I became an 

entrepreneur, or should I say Authorpreneur?

With ten-plus successful, personally authored books, 100-plus ghost-written books, and well over 100 published books, I've discovered the effective ingredients that differentiate a crazy successful book that changes lives from one that never gets beyond the idea. 

The Weekend Writing Retreat is a culmination of the top things I've learned while writing and publishing hundreds of books. I'm genuinely excited to teach you my process so you can bypass all the obstacles of writing and publishing and start changing lives, including yours, immediately.

Here is the thing, despite having over twenty years of experience, I never realized or could have predicted how powerful and essential it is to share knowledge and experience as they are now. The world needs you! ​The opportunity for you to write your book has never been more significant. Your chance to build a more resilient business and a personal brand and make a difference in the world simply by turning what you already know into a book is now available to you. 


Wouldn't you like to squash that inner critic and stand in the truth that you have a message that needs to be shared? 

I can't wait to support you on your book-birthing journey. 

Let's spend the weekend together and get this dream started!

Sign up now

Sending Hugs 


P.S. If you have questions about the retreat or writing and publishing, don't hesitate to contact me.


Books change lives. Whose life will you touch with your book? 

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