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What are the Different Publishing Options?

Andrea Seydel | Writing Coach | Book Doula | Found of LLH Publishing

Publishing Basics

There are so many benefits that come from becoming a published author. Some benefits include: instant credibility in your field, acquiring new clients, making a difference in people's lives, speaking engagements, additional revenue stream, new career opportunities, leaving a legacy, or simply to help others with your knowledge or experience. But as an author, it can be really challenging to navigate the world of publishing. Here are some of the publishing basics that might help you on your journey.


What You Need to Know About #SelfPublishing:

Self-publishing is the publication method where you, as the author, publish your book. Although self-publishing has come a long way, there are some limitations, such as lack of distribution to major publishing establishments, low credibility and

large upfront costs. Some people have even gone as far as call it glamorized printing. The major benefit is that you can get your book fast to market and control everything from design, file creation, and printing, to distribution.

Traditional Publishing

What You Need to Know About #TraditionalPublishing:

Traditional publishing is where the author sells publication rights to a publishing house, and receives low royalty payments in return. The main benefit here is credibility, distribution, quality, and low upfront cost. The challenge with publishing houses is control, ownership, and sheer ability to be accepted as an author. The process is longer and competitive.

Hybrid Publishing

What You Need to Know About #HybridPublishing:

Born out of necessity. The final publishing option is hybrid publishing. Hybrid publishing is exactly as it sounds. It is a blend of both publishing models. Under this model, publishers combined the benefits of self publishing, like control and ownership, with the distribution power and credibility of traditional houses. Hybrid publishing is a modern approach to publishing so authors can get their books fast to market and professionally.

LLH Publishing offers Hybrid Publishing Solution that supports authors. We are a publishing company that supports the writing and publishing process. Andrea Seydel is a writing coach loving nick named “The Book Doula” as she helps people give birth to books. For more information visit

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