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Unleash Your Inner Author: Publish Your Book with Ease and Professionalism

Well, fear not! Live Life Happy Publishing is here to make your publishing dreams come true. With our easy-to-use platform, you can publish your book with ease, speed, and professionalism.

Gone are the days of confusion and overwhelm. We understand that publishing can be a daunting task, but we're here to guide you every step of the way. Our team of experienced professionals will provide you with the support you need to make your book a success.

Whether you're a first-time author or a seasoned pro, our platform is designed to make the publishing process as simple as possible. From formatting to cover design, we've got you covered.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Live Life Happy Publishing website today and start your publishing journey. With our help, you'll be a published author in no time!

Andrea Seydel,
Founder of Live Life Happy Publishing 


Effortlessly Publish Your Book Everywhere:

Get Fast Market Access and Full Royalties

Imagine if there was a middle ground that allowed you to publish your book with ease and professionalism, without having to navigate the entire process yourself. A place where you can keep all of your royalties and be part of a respected publishing company.

Envision a solution where you can get your book into all distribution channels and bookstores quickly and efficiently, while still having access to your sales and royalties.

The Best of Both Worlds: How Live Life Happy Publishing is Changing the Game

Writers Digest Fall 2022


Are you an aspiring author struggling to navigate the complex world of publishing? Look no further than Live Life Happy Publishing, founded by Andrea Seydel, to help turn your dream into reality.

Known as the "Book Doula," Seydel is dedicated to providing continuous support to authors throughout the entire publishing process. With a focus on high standards, quality production, and industry knowledge, Live Life Happy bridges the gap between traditional and self-publishing.

Hundreds of books have been successfully published through Live Life Happy, with authors bypassing the pain points often associated with traditional and self-publishing. Seydel believes that books have the power to change lives, and she's passionate about helping authors bring their ideas to the world.

The hybrid approach to publishing offered by Live Life Happy provides the same level of quality and credibility as traditional publishing while also maintaining the freedom, total royalties, and fast-to-market service of self-publishing. It's the best of both worlds, and authors get to maintain 100% of their royalties.

Don't let the complexities of publishing hold you back from sharing your message with the world. Consider Live Life Happy Publishing and the expertise of the Book Doula, Andrea Seydel. With a focus on well-being and positive psychology, you'll be able to publish your book with ease and professionalism and have a professionally published book in your hands in no time. Visit and to learn more.

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Publishing With Live Life Happy Publishing Will: 


Get your book to market fast- Using our knowledge, momentum and publishing system, you will fast-track your book publishing. Our well-paced meetings, structure and publishing process that we follow puts us into action right away. There is no room for a delay so we can get your book ready for the spotlight and in front of the people who want to learn from and hear your message. 


Help you become an Authorpreneur-  We will set up your author tracking back-end where you can track all your purchases, royalties, sales and statistics. You maintain a hands-on authority on your book 'business' and receive 100% of your royalties. Once published, you are your own AUTHORPRENEUR, and you can share news and information about your book. People are ready to hear your message. 


Bring credibility and professionalism - Comparable to working with a traditional publisher. We support you, so together, we can produce the highest quality end product. We value our reputation and strive to maintain a high level of regard in the publishing industry. Your final clean manuscript will go through additional editorial screening, so you end up with a book you will be proud to share with the world.


Turn your manuscript into a published book that changes lives- We will provide you with the tools of design and creation necessary to create a beautiful custom-designed book, which will be listed in all major book stores and retailers' websites such as Amazon. We bring all the details together to make your book ready to publish so you can leave a lasting legacy. 


Bring your book to life- Don't spend any more time trying to do things on your own. You don't have to figure out the publishing industry. We provide quality professional support to bring your book to life so you can focus on fun things like your Book launch party! Don't let your fears or any obstacle hold you back from the joys that being a published author can bring you. 

If ANY of the following resonates with you,

here is the opportunity to publish your book...

You’d like to turn your hard-earned knowledge and passion into additional income streams to help others and yourself.


You have been curious how you can publish your own book to grow your business but haven’t been sure how to do it.


You want to extend your reach and influence by publishing your book and accessing expanded distribution



You know you have a message or story you want to share with the world. A great way to achieve that is through a published book.  


Live Life Happy Publishing Includes: 

  • Final Editorial Services *

  • Cover Design & Formatting

  • Back Cover Design & Formatting

  • Standard Interior File Design

  • ISBN Assignment 

  • Uploading/File Approval

  • Amazon Listing & "Look Inside" 

  • Online Worldwide Distribution 

  • Author Account Set Up

  • Book Description

  • Unlimited Author Volume Discount

  • Unlimited Author Volume Discount 

  • Digital Author Copy Proof 

  • Book Launch Business Planner

  • Author Central Set Up

  • E-Book Formatting 

  • Kindle Pre-order Set Up

  • E-Book Expanded Distribution

  • Online Virtual Book Launch Party 

*Manuscript must be edited and proofed before publishing. Additional fees for professional editing apply if required.

*Additional fee's for any formatting or design required beyond standard formating. 

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