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Updated: Aug 11, 2020

GET TO THE POINT: Sharpen Your Message and Make Your Words Matter


Every time you communicate, youre trying to do something, change something, or move someone to take action.

You're trying to make a POINT. But the only way to make a is to HAVE A POINT.

Communications expert James Schwarttzberg says a point is not just a topic, m an idea, or a theme. A real point is a proportion of value. IT's a contention you can propose, argue illustration and prove.

Whether you want to improve your impact in speeches, staff meetings, pitches, emails, power points, or any other communication setting, this book teaches how to go from simply sharing a thought to making a difference

The BIG Flaw

They don't have a point. Without a point, everything you say is pointless.

You have to have a point to make a point. You have to have a point to sell a point. You have to have a point to stay on point.

Get to your point. What's your point? Please stick to your point.

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

Know Your Point

Step One: Can your point fit into a sentence? I believe that....

Step Two: The "so what" test. Is it the sharpest point?

Step Three: The "why" test. TIPS: Don't use meaningless adjectives like excellent wonderful amazing very good. Compared to Urgent, Profitable, Efficient, Unprecedented. Ask your self WHY. EG I believe that hiring a social media manager is important. WHY and replace adjective "I believe a social media manager can build critical buzz around our product.

Make Your Point

Start Strong: First 15 seconds of making a point is crucial. 1. Who you are 2. Your Point. 3. Why your post is relevant

Sell Your Point

Point-forcing power phrases: I propose... I recommend... I suggest....

Tailor Your Point

Ask self "What does this audience want and need from me?

Makes sure you cover what you audience expects from you, make sure it's addressed as part of your overall communication and in the point itself.

Stay On Point

If find yourself lost... Uses transitions like these: My Point is this... Here's the thing... Here's the idea to remember...

Hit the breaks and get back to your point.

Complete Your Point

Use point forcing phrases like "I suggest" " I recommends" or ask "What do you suggest/recommend?" " I propose"

Use "I believe..." Statements Clearly communicate.

Bring point out early, What it is and why its important. Know your point.

Remove and or shorten complete sentences. Make points clear

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