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Seminar Series to help build positivity into the work place, home, life and community!
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Is Positivity The Missing Piece 

In Your Workplace? 

The Positive Edge!!

Overcoming obstacles to building a culture of positivity!   


What would the value be of creating a positive work environment? 

Science shows that positive employee morale and satisfaction lead to better performance, higher productivity levels, less employee turnover and reduced expenses for an organization.

Infuse positive psychology into your work place!

6 Week Positive Workplace Training

The positive solution to a negative workplace that allows you to engineer work that works. My unique pro-active program contributes to mental health literacy, positivity and effectiveness in the Work Place. 


By Teaching the science and skills of applied positive psychology, wellbeing and effective communication you will:

  • Conquer negative thinking & communicating

  • Reduce stress, anxiety & mental health issues

  • Improve relationships & job satisfaction

By Coaching your team together we dissolve limits and expand possibilities. Coaching has been known to: 

  •   Enhancement Performance 

  •   Develop skills & Strategies 

  •   Have a positive impact 

  •   Increase action towards goals


Format Includes:

Weekly skills training workshops 

Weekly coaching (Department-Leaders-Executive)

Measurable positivity results 

Energize your workplace handbook

Develop positive workplace skills and attitudes using positivity-boosting strategies from groundbreaking research in positive psychology with Andrea Seydel BA, PPP, CPPC,  Positive Psychology Practitioner, Certified Applied Positive Psychology Life Coach and Author.  


Andrea has worked and consulted with many leaders who have now transformed their companies, organizations and schools. From companies large and small Andrea demonstrates how social and emotional intelligence, along with  positivity can ignites employee potential, increases innovation, and catapults the organization to new levels of performance and positivity. 


This 6-Week program is designed to generate focused action and make employee optimism not just a worthy goal, but a real and measurable result! 


  • Andrea’s programs often quality for government funding 


6 Week Training

Mind-Shift & Positive Psychology-The Science and Art of Happiness

Workshop 1

Mind-Shift & Positive Psychology-The Science and Art of Happiness

    Happiness is a skill you can learn

Learning Objectives: 

  • Discover the How of happiness and mental health

  • Get comfortable with concept you have the permission to be human 

  • Learn about the life satisfaction pie and your power of influence 

  • Introduce Positive Psychology and how it can improve your life

  • Discover how to boost happiness now

  • Experience your own intentional activities (natural, enjoy, value) 

  • Introduction to Mindset and mind chatter: fixed vs. growth mindset choice

  • Experience the power of growth mindset and happiness

  • Learn about self fulfilling prophecy and choice 

  • Introduce gratitude for happiness on demand

  • Experience Daily Dozen & Gratitude Ping pong

Happiness is a skill you can learn. 

We are all personally responsible for our own level of happiness! 

Positivity & Mindset- Create Happiness on Demand

Workshop 2 


Positivity & Mindset- Create Happiness on Demand 

    How you think determines your overall happiness


Learning Objectives:

  • Discover how you drive your own brain 

  • Learn about positivity and optimism 

  • Overview growth and fixed mindset 

  • Learn about mental chatter and brain bias 

  • Delve into the story’s you tell yourself 

  • Reveal thinking traps and icebergs 

  • Explore the Choice Map and learner Vs. judger path

  • Learn benefits of meta cognition and self talking 

  • Experience choice, mind shift, and metacognition 

  • Discover the benefits of curiosity and questions

  • Learn the ABC-Modal Adversary, Beliefs and consequences 

How you think determines your overall level of happiness. 

You have choices and can think about your thinking.

Focus & Choice- Leveraging Positivity: Growth Mindset & Gratitude

Workshop 3 

Focus & Choice- Leveraging Positivity: Growth Mindset & Gratitude

    What you pay attention to contributes to your level of happiness


Learning Objectives: 

  • Discover optimism, positive emotions and explanatory styles 

  • Learn about resilience and grit 

  • Find out about brain bias and how we are wired

  • Experience attention bias first hand 

  • Reveal neuro-plasticity and how the brain rewires 

  • Train your brain for cognitive reframing 

  • Experience rose coloured glasses and savouring 

  • Learn how gratitude and appreciation play a role in happiness 

  • Give yourself and others the permission to be human 

  • Add and subtract your way to a great life 

  • Learn how to use real time resilience with worry, thinking traps 


What you put your attention on determines your overall level of happiness. 

You can change what you focus on.

Strength & Character- Success Management & Self Efficacy

Workshop 4 

Strength & Character- Success Management & Self Efficacy

    Resiliency and self compassion play a role in overall happiness

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn the power of character strengths and happiness 

  • Experience your ideal person 

  • Discovering strengths in others and yourself 

  • Experience person praise vs process praise 

  • Find out about the talent myth 

  • Reveal social comparison and talent 

  • Introduce deliberate practice and personal mastery 

  • Experience self love and social comparison

  • Investigate the difference between self esteem and self efficacy 

  • How purpose and meaning play a role in your life

  • Discover your own ability to success manage 

You have strengths that are unique to you. 

Resilience and self efficacy contribute to your level of happiness.

Social & Emotional Intelligence- Build Better Connections

Workshop 5

Social & Emotional Intelligence- Build Better Connections 

    High quality connections influence your happiness

Leanring objectives: 

  • Learn how happiness largely depends on the connections we share

  • Discover how to transform negative relationships 

  • Reveal what social and emotional intelligence is and how it can help you 

  • Find out about NVC and non judgmental observations 

  • Re-visit process and person praise as well as judger vs. learner approach 

  • Experience Non-violent communication with observations 

  • Learn the language of emotions  

  • Experience Non-violent communication with feelings 

  • Learn the language of needs and values 

  • Experience Non-violent communication with needs and requests 

  • Explore forgiveness and compassion for flourishing relationships 


The interactions your have and relationships you share contribute to your overall happiness.

Self Regulation & Mindfulness- Be Your Own CEO with Energy Management

Workshop 6 

Self Regulation & Mindfulness- Be Your Own CEO with Energy Management

    Self control and self regulation can add to your happiness


Learning objectives: 

  • Discover ego depletion and energy management concept 

  • Reveal importance of self regulation and repletion 

  • Look at the paradox of choice and stress as depletion 

  • Experience recharging and energy management 

  • Explore willpower, choice and focus 

  • Find out how to search inside yourself with real time mindfulness 

  • Experience Mindfulness and emotional intelligence 

  • Experience savouring and the present moment

  • Find out about flow and your “happy place” 

  • Goal setting and meeting: GROW model 

  • Experience the GROW model to help gain self regulation 

The only person that can make you happy is yourself. 

Mindfulness training and self regulation add to your level of happiness.

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