Wanna Join a Bookclub... But don't like the pressure to read and report? 


We all love to learn, grow and develop effective life skills, but have very little time to read. I HAVE THE SOLUTION FOR YOU! Join my very unconventional approach to "reading" as a group. We have so much fun together!!

Introducing The Unconventional BOOKCLUB


There are so many non-fiction books out there with a wealth of knowledge, support and potential to enhance our lives,

but so many remain un-read, their wisdom not acted upon. Here is where I come in!! I turned my obsession for books and my ability to speed read (due to ADHD) into a super power you can benefit from! 

What I do is:

  • Host the Monthly Bookclub online through Zoom

  • Present the Voted Book relating to self-health/well-being/positive psychology

  • Explain the key concepts and learning opportunities

  • Provide a mind-map PDF summary of the book

  • Creative fun interactive lively discussion to encourage positive change

  • Initiate exercises and breakout group discussion so we can turn the knowledge into action!

  • Have people read the voted book or simply show up... no need to read!! No pressure!!

How it Works is: 

  • Your first Bookclub experience is FREE (Energy Exchange Registration Available)

  • You can then sign up for a year membership 

  • Participants vote from a pre-selected list (then read or don't read) 

  • You gain access to My Bookvault (100+ titles previously highlighted) 

  • Attend an online meet-up for 90 minutes (Last Monday of the month 7-8:30pm)*unless specified

  • You have access to recordings should you miss a Bookclub

  • You show up monthly to the online event for a fun, learning, life enhancing connections with other like minded people

  • Participate as much or as little as you like




We all love to learn, grow and develop effective life skills, but have very little time to read. What book do you vote for in our next Bookclub? Or do you have suggestions for future picks? 

Simply send me your vote or suggestions here: 





To register or vote, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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Join the monthly Bookclubs with Andrea Seydel, avid reader, positive psychology practitioner, and certified life coach, for an unconventional approach to reading books as a community! Take a deep dive into the world of positive psychology coaching as Andrea teaches, highlights, and offers in-depth opportunity for application of the key concepts in each book. Participate by voting for the book you want and show up monthly. 


First experience is FREE. 

You can also hire Andrea as a facilitator to host your own Unconventional Bookclub, where she reads and hosts customizable Bookclubs to suit your membership base or organizational needs. 

Why The Unconventional Bookclub Works? 

  • It brings a sense of accomplishment and achievement: According to Martin Seligmen’s model of well-being, achievement is one of the critical elements that enhance our subjective well-being. We are all energized by learning and growing as humans. 

  • Honours time as a commodity: The Unconventional Book Club saves you a ton time and money while still providing immense learning opportunities.

  • It offers fresh content and inspiration: New learning and fresh inspiring content with every book ecourages involvement, motivation, and engagement.

  • It encourages high application & engagement: By using the coaching model and experiential approach, Andrea's participants are engaged and experience measurable impact on productivity, well-being and happiness. It's just super fun!! 

  • It builds community: Since there is no pressure, expectations or judgment in this welcoming environment, members feel safe and connected as a community of friends. 

May Bookclub 


In case you missed the May Bookclub, we highlighted the book: 

YOU ARE NOT YOUR BRAIN The 4-Step Solution for Changing Bad Habits, Ending Unhealthy Thinking, and Taking Control of Your Life!

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