How many unread books do you have on your bedside table? How long is the list of books you want to read but haven't had time for?


People love to learn, grow and develop effective life skills, but have very little time to read. 


There are many non-fiction books out there with a wealth of knowledge, support and potential to enhance lives, but remain un-read, their wisdom not acted upon.


What started as a podcast is now an innovative program to build capacity at your organization and workplace.  I summarize the best books on positive psychology, leadership and well-being and then present and coach the concepts to your team. It's a fun and enriching way to build skills, community and positivity. 

How does The Unconventional Book Club work?


Participants vote: From my pre-selected list, a poll is taken for the upcoming book highlight. People can read the book or not, the program works well either way. 


Attend a meet-up: Usually during lunch or after work hours, I host bi-monthly or monthly meet ups. These can be held via online conference or in-person. 


Highlight the Concepts: I summarize and present the book and concepts and cater the content to your organization. 


Apply the Content: This is the most important part. To apply the learning, we coach the actionable items to help your people benefit from the key concepts. 

Why does The Unconventional Book Club Work? 


Brings a sense of accomplishment: According to Martin Seligmen’s model of well-being, achievement is one of the CRITICAL elements that enhance our subjective well-being. 


Time is a commodity: The Unconventional Book Club saves time and money while still providing immense learning opportunities. 


Fresh content and inspiration: New learning and fresh content with every book DRIVES involvement, motivation, and engagement. 


High application & engagement: By using the coaching model and experiential approach, participants are engaged and experience measurable impact on productivity, well-being and happiness.  


Create a positive culture: More and more companies are turning their attention to culture. Creating a positive work culture that supports personal and professional growth is one of the key outcomes employees want.



As an avid reader, positive psychology practitioner and certified life coach- I am excited to bring books to life in your organization, build community and enhance productivity! 


I’m exited to “read” with you! 


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