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Saving You Is Killing Me: Loving Someone With An Addiction

The book, blog, podcast and support group devoted to supporting YOU (not the addicted love one in your life) through this challenging time, so you can... 



I have been there and know too well the pain, heartache and struggle that comes along with caring for someone struggling with addiction. You need to know you are not alone, and you are not going crazy! What you are going through is hard. We often put on a brave face, but secretly we are going through a private HELL full of manipulation, lies, and uncertainty. 


The only thing you can do is SAVE YOURSELF! It's time to shift the focus back onto you and bring back your sparkle, your peace and your strength, regardless of any other person. The reality is, you didn't cause this, you can't control it, and you can't cure it. Let's nurture you, so you can not only survive through what's going on. You can eventually thrive! 

As I often put it, LET'S STRUGGLE WELL Together. 

HUGS Andrea 

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Private Facebook Group- Join us in our private Saving You Is Killing Me Facebook group, where we interact, express and offer support to one another. It is important to realize you are not alone, and there are many others (sadly) struggling through this very challenge.  


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Listen and subscribe to the podcast Saving You Is Killing Me. We would also love to have anyone on the show that wants to share their story of strength, hope or resilience. We rise by supporting others! 


Private Support Groups-  Join us for a private online group meeting spot. These meetings are free, non-judgmental and confidential. Our meetings are structured with content, learning opportunities and interactive support to help you Take Back Your Power. 


Books and Printed Material- You can now pre-order your copy of the Book: Saving You Is Killing Me: Loving Someone With An Addiction. Hard copies will be launched and available on February 5th. Click the pre-order button to be one of the first to receive a copy. 


Continual Support, Inspiration and Stories of Strength-  We are super excited to launch a blog-style posting of all your stories of strength and resilience to help build others' hope. When going through a challenge like this, we believe strongly in the power of connection! You will receive a wealth of support and knowledge from others who share their stories. 

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Has someone else's problem become your problem? Is loving someone with an addiction leaving you feeling broken, exhausted, and repeatedly disappointed? 

When you love someone who drinks too much or suffers from an addiction, it hurts. Life is not ‘normal’. You may feel alone, but you are not unique in your pain or your dilemma. Nor are you isolated in this situation. Saving You Is Killing Me is a helpful guide to light a darkened path. Regardless of the situation that you are in at present, loving someone with an addiction is emotionally, psychologically, and physically draining. It is important that you understand that nobody deserves to suffer - you have the right to live a peaceful and fulfilled life that is full of love! You can, and you will find happiness again!


Your journey starts by taking back your power and shifting the focus back onto you! With compassion and grace, author Andrea Seydel offers support by sharing from her personal experiences and the knowledge that she used to help navigate the wreckage of her own struggle. She exposes the tremendous power of how our relationships can both hurt us and allow us to heal. Trauma is a fact of life, and navigating the turmoil that comes from loving someone with an addiction can be extremely challenging.


Saving You Is Killing Me offers new hope for reclaiming your life. Seydel offers insight and learning opportunities for self-healing, recovery, and resilience that foster a way of life that is empowering.

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A Note From the Author, Andrea Seydel: 

Respect yourself enough to say I deserve better. Love yourself enough to get through the darkness.

I know all too well the uncertainty of this time. I went through so much painful effort trying to pull my loved one out of the muck. So many lies, secrets, manipulation, ups and downs, weird behaviour, and uncertainty. The man I fell in love with became an empty vessel of a human, with occasional glimmers of hope that he might return. I exhausted all the options to help him while completely neglecting myself during this process. I was drowning trying to save the person I loved. I had to save myself. I lost my sparkle. I was dying inside. If you are getting pulled down and still trying to keep your head above water or have jumped off that rollercoaster full of chaos, this book is here to help you. I’ve been through the wringer, and I know all too well the turmoil that comes from loving someone with an addiction. You can, and you must pull yourself out. Push off the bottom and come up for air. SAVE YOURSELF. I am here to help lift you back up, support you, and help you start your healing journey. You’ve found a safe place here filled with people who love someone who suffers from addiction. You are not alone. There is no reason you have to navigate this alone. I never want a struggle to go to waste... so here I am. It would help if you didn't feel alone.

Power is not given to you or taken away. You have to claim it sometimes!!

Some life events throw us off for a moment, but others shatter us completely. We feel disappointed and disillusioned, and we quietly suffer. This book is all about taking back your power. It is for when you've been knocked down, tapped out of your resources, and need support. It is a positive light when things seem dark, an offering of some calm in the chaos. This is here for you to help you build yourself up so you can tap back into your strength, hope, and resilience when you've been through the wringer. I know all too well the turmoil that comes with loving someone with an addiction. This book (along with the Podcast and Private Group) was created just for you, not for the addicted loved one in your life.  This space is meant to bring a little light to the darkness, some love and positive energy when things seem bleak. When you think your fire is going out, remember, you are still shining through. We are all on different paths and are at different stages, but sometimes we all need a little support and reminders of just how resilient we really are. You are resilient, and THIS IS HARD! You may feel broken, but you are not. Let's struggle well together.

Hugs...  Andrea 

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stories of strength, knowledge and healing from people like you who have gone to hell and back...and are surviving!! 
Tune in for weekly support from professionals in the field and people who have gone through the struggle of loving someone with an addiction. Also, listen in for a wealth of tips and strategies to help you SAVE YOURSELF!