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Your Best Year Ever: A Five-Step Plan for Achieving Your Most Important Goals

By Andrea Seydel Your Best Year Ever Book Summary

Do you want to change your mindset and get rid of limiting beliefs Are you searching for the motivation to take action and accomplish your goals? Do you Wish to design a bright future by setting better goals for yourself?

Have your best year ever by converting dreams into goals and then goals into achievement. In "Your Best Year Ever," leadership expert Michael Hyatt shares his system to help you turn your dreams into realistic goals and then teaches you to take the necessary steps to achieve them. You’ll learn to operate from a mindset of abundance and set yourself up for success by recalibrating your thinking. By using the past as a road map for designing the future, you’ll be on the road to your best year ever.

Let's face it many of us have goals for the new year. We start out strong but then we get derailed. And maybe even fail. This book is about how to get back up and push yourself forward. Michael Hyatt presents us with a goal-setting system that will help us to avoid common pitfalls and leverage the commitment needed to accomplish our goals.

The reason this book is so impactful is that allows us to set that aside and imagine having a breakthrough year in which you accomplish all your goals. Imagine being healthier financially secure, and in a loving relationship. Imagine awakening grateful and happy. While feeling connected to a purpose higher than yourself. These are all possible when you follow Michael Hyatt system.


Michael Hyatt go to settings system is based on five key assumptions:

1. Real life is multifaceted and consists of different domains such as spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, marital, parental, social, vocational, avocational, and financial.

2. Every domain matters.

3. Progress starts when you get clear on where you are right now.

4. You can improve any of life's domains.

5. Confidence, happiness, and satisfaction with life are by products of personal growth.

Hyatt's system is divided into five simple steps:

1. You'll work on overcoming doubts.

2. Is about getting closure regarding the past.

3. Framework to set goals that really work.

4. Discover one of the most powerful motivator there are.

5. Put all the pieces together in a way that allows you to have your best year ever.

Key Insights:

Believe the Possibility

Our thinking habits produce what we experience in life. If those habits are positive, you experience positive things. If not, you experience the opposite. The good news is we can change thinking habit and improve our thoughts and beliefs. Eg. Nelson the dog invisible fence zapped. Maybe life has that to you, so you give up, trying to avoid pain of failure.

It is important to shift our perspective and a place of scarcity to perspective of abundance. Scarcity thinkers operate from a place of limiting beliefs. Abundance thinkers work from a place of possibility. What is your mindset?

Complete the past

Another common deterrent from living your best life is the tendency to dwell on the past. However, we can learn from the past in ways that help build a better future for ourselves sometimes called after action review. Regret is painful but looking back and serve as a way to fill you with gratitude. Researchers have found the gratitude helps you meet your goals.

Walk yourself through this process so you can examine the past and take what lessons you can from it. State what you wanted to happen. Acknowledge what actually happened. Learn from the experience. Adjust your behaviour.

Design the future

A bright future doesn't appear out of nowhere. The key to clarity is to transform your hopes and dreams into written goals that fit into the acronym SMARTER

Specific: exactly what you want to accomplish. Measurable: actionable: risky: Time-keyed: Exciting: Relevant (align with values)

Find your why

Working towards your goals that first is fun and exciting. At some point, things get tougher. The best way to make it through is to leverage your motivation by connecting deeply to why you want to do something.

In addition to connecting to your Wi-Fi, you can master motivation by identifying the right rewards for yourself. Be realistic about the necessary commitment and new habits you need. Gamify the process. Games are great motivators. Measure gains.

Make it happen

Activation triggers can help you set yourself up for action and help you plan ahead so you do not get derailed. Advance planning can help you overcome obstacles and maintain momentum.

He also suggest a regular goal review process. To write down your goals and journal your progress. He also suggest scanning a list of your goals every day. Approaching things with a fresh mind and plan your upcoming week with a fresh mind.


By following this by step system you can turn your dreams into reality.

Begin by addressing any limiting beliefs you may be holding and improve your mindset in a way that shifted towards abundance.

Use the after-actions review to learn from the past and remember regret can help you push forward.

Set smarter goals and make progress towards those goals by connecting deeply to why you suck them in the first place.

Then take the steps necessary to achieve them. If you need help staying on track, use activation triggers.

The bottom line is turning your hopes and dreams into achievable goals and working towards them is challenging, but in the end it makes for a much happier life.

Listen to the entire summary on the podcast here:


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