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YOU ARE A BADASS At making money

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Andrea Seydel Live Life Happy Unconventional Book Club


Master the mindset of wealth

Are you ready to uncover what's holding you back from making money? Jen Sincere teaches us how to give your doubts, fears, and excuses the heave-ho.

You will relate to money in a new lucrative way. Are you ready to master the mindset of wealth?

The money you desire is here for you. The opportunities , the clients, the teachers, the brilliant moneymaking ideas, they're all right here, right now, waiting for you to wake up, let them in, and get this party started.


Rich can be defined as the ability to afford all the things and experiences required to fully experience your most authentic life. The amount of money you need depends on who you are and what you desire.

Do you sometime worry that you are greedy because you desire more money? A healthy desire for wealth is not greed, it's a desire for life.

We are designed to fully flourish, we all have seeds of unthinkable badassery inside of us, yet only some of us will allow ourselves to grow. There is no such thing as too much awesome.

Take a deep breath, trust your desires, and embrace the fact that your quest for riches is a request to be more of who you truly are. ALLOW yourself to be the biggest badass you can be, what ever that is for you.

ACTION: Make a list of some of the beautiful things and experiences that money will add to your life. Make a list of how you being rich will benefit others. I am grateful to money because....

What's holding you back?

Our realities are make believe- whatever we make ourselves believe, we experience. 1. Subconscious beliefs about money 2. Comfort zone 3. fear 4. How we talk about money. 5. Thoughts of scarcity.

Action: List five things you remember our parents telling you about money. Rewrite your new truths about money. Write down new truth every morning or night.

New Money Mindset

See money as a form of exchange. See money as a currency and currency is energy. Start looking for evidence you are a money/wealth magnet.

Action: Write down five positive words to describe money. Say thank you every time you receive money. Say to yourself "See money loves me." Feel gratitude and joy when money enters your life.

Figure out something you can do right now that will take you a giant step towards your goal of getting rich. NO FEAR. Challenge your limiting beliefs.

Action: Watch for your excuses, fear and crush them with taking action now. Take your I want, I wish, I can't, I hope, I should, s and change them into I have, I create, I am grateful for, I can, I choose, I love. Write down the five most common limiting words or phrases you and the people hang out with use. Challenge the belief that is blocking you from making money. Come up with 1 super exciting reason you want to make money and visualize it. Write a letter to money.

Your heart is on a mission. Fear, doubts, and other people's rules are no match to your mission. Passion trumps fear and excuses. Don't take no for an answer. Also align with your truest you. Add the word AND when making goals. Have a big fancy career AND be a great mom.

Action: Get really specific, like an order. Specifics create emotion and emotion gives us determination. Write a fantasy "Day in the life" What would a day look like in the life of the richest, happiest, and most successful you? After that, write down the 5 strong emotions you feel when you read it. Then write sentences that evoke those feelings. "It's so exciting working with clients that are smart and appreciate me. It makes me feel really excited to learn everyday and I am so grateful that my invented career that helps others be successful affords me the opportunity to travel regularly, go see fun live events like basketball games and cirque du sole in good seats, and live part time in the warmth with my soul mate and that I can walk my dogs and do yoga everyday.

Set Intention, Faith and Gratitude.

If it is on your mind, it will soon be in your lap. We all have the choice to think what we want to think, and take responsibility for the fact that our thoughts create our financial realities. A good way to keep you mind on what you desire is to think about what your Whys are for getter rich. Think of three reasons these whys are stronger than your fears.

ACTION: Get clear on what you desire, get specific. Hold the vision of this reality in your mind with excitement. Fall madly involve with your vision that it's no match to any limiting belief or fear. Have faith like it is already yours. Get giddy with excitement it is coming. Take action with hell bent for glory purpose.

Faith is the rocket you ride to get to your wildest dreams. Many things might set you off course, faith keeps you on course. Course correct as needed. Wealth appreciates for the appreciative. Gratitude allows you to raise your energy, frequency, and subjective well-being. There is no lack when you are in gratitude. Celebrate who you are.

ACTION: Take five things in your life that either frighten you, irritate you, or bum you out and find reasons to be grateful for them. Make a list every night of ten things you are grateful for or elaborate on one thing. List five reasons you have faith in the yourself. List five reasons you have faith in riches. Make a vision board. Make a list of all things you might have to give up, let go or don't do. Enjoy and improve your environment.


This book allows us to see what might be standing in the way of making money. Our mindset, limiting belief, fears, excuses, doubts hold us back.

We discovered how simple changes can shift our mindset of wealth.

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