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Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the art of manifesting

Updated: Aug 11, 2020


by Andrea Seydel

In Wayne Dyer's book Wishes Fulfilled , he teaches us about mastering The Art of Manifesting!

Dr. Wayne Dyer takes us on a Voyage of discovery. He allows us to tap into manifesting powers & region of our higher self to help us manifest a life we desire. We can get your wishes fulfilled!

Your wishes can be fulfilled by using imagination and art of assuming the feelings and eliminating worldly distractions. Here are his tips!

Changing your concept of yourself

Level of awareness available to you (invisible self)

Self concept of yourself is everything you believe to be true. Outer and inner self concept (beliefs and ingredients make up self concept) and make up your life.

Initiate a habit of choosing thoughts and ideas that support feeling good and powerful. Choose a different feeling thought.

Your Higher Self

Lower self more like ego: self concept defined by what you achieve, own or win.

We are not just our bodies as we leave behind our bodies as we change and age. New cells every day (invisible organizing intelligence).

Source energy: We are all made from source energy. Higher energy is that spark that is in all of us. Your spiritual essence.

TIPS: 1. Notice what do or say: Is it from lower or higher self? 2. Spend quiet time noticing your spark/source 3. Use affirmations like, I am unlimited, I am powerful.

Your Highest Self

Your Higher Self graduates into Highest self. You are capable of producing miracles. All things are possible. The important things are all within you, it is you.

I AM power two words.

TIPS: Notice how you are using the words I AM.

Notice how others are inappropriately using the words I AM.

The First Wishes Fulfilled Foundation: Using Your Imagination

Everything you see around you was once in someone's imagination. Have a mind that is open and attached to nothing.

Quantum physics confirms everything made of formless energy and that particles (things) do not originate from particles but energy.

Take charge of your imagination: It becomes things.

Tips: 1. Never place thoughts in imagination you wouldn't want materialized 2. Eliminate how you used to be thinking. 3. Imagination yours alone limitless

The Second Wishes Fulfilled Foundation: Live from the End

Anything placed in your imagination is for here right now. Tough to do.

Disregard all evidence of your senses that deny the fulfilment of your wishes. Rest in the assumptions that you are already what you want to be= ALL THINGS POSSIBLE

Place something in your imagination.. act as i it is already fact for you with persistence and obsession. Think from the end. Stop I AM NOTs, here there, mentality. BE IT

The Third Wishes Fulfilled Foundation: Feeling It

Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Live in the feeling of being the one you want to be. Feelings are the experience in your body.

I feel strong thought cerebral abstraction I am strong as a sensation more powerful

Conscious mind trains subconscious mind through feeling and experiencing.. Subconscious responds to suggestions Practice feeling your thoughts

The Fourth Wishes Fulfilled Foundation: Your Attention Please

Live from your highest self: Pay attention to your wishes only. Control and concentration- avoid side track distractions

Employ subjective attention and monitor input outside of you. Do not give attention to what others do or fail to do. Instead focus on what you do and fail to do

There is no way to happiness...Happiness is the way.

The Fifth Wishes Fulfilled Foundation: Now I lay me down to sleep

Your subconscious mind handles 96 percent of all that you undertake in your life. Sleep is the time when conscious mind leaves world of five senses. Subconscious never sleeps:

Sleep is natural state of subconscious. Use this time to impress upon. Important what have in consciousness as you go to sleep.

Choose to assume feelings of wish fulfilled as you lie in bed, feeling drowsy- where your subconscious mind is out at home.

Ask yourself, "If my wishes were realized now, how would it feel right now?

The Biology of Belief Bruce Lipton The subconscious like a programable hard drive.

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