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What's the Happiness Equation?

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Andrea Seydel Unconventional Bookclub Highlight


By Neil Pasricha

Do you want to unlock the secrets to happiness? Neil Pasricha, in his book The Happiness Equation, talks about 9 secrets to a happier life. He takes a common ideal and flips it on its head. His step by step guide allows you to apply each secret to live a happier life today. It's tough to teach and train your brain to stay positively focused while navigating life bumps. In his book, he teaches how to want nothing, do anything and have everything.

Secret #1: Be Happy First- Happiness has it's advantages

Secret #2: Do It For Yourself- Don't compete with others

Secret #3: Remember the Lottery- You already won the lottery

Secret #4: Never Retire- Wake up with purpose everyday

Secret #5: Over Value You-Work less make more

Secret #6: Create Space- Balance doing and thinking with space

Secret #7 Just Do It- DO first, then believe, then want to do

Secret #8: Be You -Be who you are when no one's looking

Secret #9: Don't Take Advice -Make up your own mind

Some instant usable tips to apply from the Happiness Equation:

Three Mindful Walks/Week

20 minute replay of positive experience 3 X week

Random acts of kindness 5 X week

Complete unplug renewal daily

Hit Flow- get into the zone of challenge and skill daily

2 Minute mediations rewire brain

Exercise gratitude for positive emotions

For a full highlight of this book, visit my podcast Live Life Happy with Andrea Seydel on iTunes.

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