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The Dip: When to quit and when to stick

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

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The Dip: A little book that teaches you when to quit (and when to stick)- Seth Godin

Ever feel like you are spinning your wheels and getting no traction? Wondering if you should hang tough or find the courage to quit? Seth Godin's Book. The Dip, helps you figure out if you're in a dip that is worthy of your time effort and talent or if you should quit.

Is this goal worth the hassle?

Every new project, job or hobby starts off fun and exciting, then it starts to get less fun and harder, Godin calls this time the dip, before it takes off to success. The question you might ask yourself during this dip is, Is this goal worth the hassle? When you find yourself facing a temporary setback that you will overcome if you keep pushing on, you might be in a dip. It could also could be, what Godin calls a Cul De Sac or dead end, where you keep working hard and nothing is changing or getting better, in which you need to quit. The dip is that place between starting and mastery. It's a challenging place.

Change the way you look at success and quitting:

You have heard the expression "quitters never win" or "winners never quit". Godin challenges these statements and says, "winners quit all the time, but at the right time." He also demonstrates that most people quit when things get painful and hard and end up quitting the wrong stuff. It is important to change the way you look at success and quitting. It is important to stick with the right things and have the guts to quit the other things. The dip is the gap between starting something and success, it's the hard work and perseverance.

When to Stick Out the Dip or Quit:

The dip is the secret to success as it sets the superstars apart from everyone else. Most people quit during the dip. But superstar thinking gets you through the dip. Be sure to be in a dip that you know you can conquer. Remember that a big dip and large challenges makes for success on the other side to be that much more rewarding. On the other hand, Godin suggested that using quitting as a strategy to focus your resources, to stop or kill parts that are not working. Quitting is not about failing, but rather a decision or long term strategy. He also suggests that if you can't be number one at something, don't waste the person who you are.

Be a superstar:

Save your resources and energy for projects that you are extremely passionate about, that will get you through the dip. In Godin's book he states that being exceptional at something is rewarded in our culture. Being number one, a superstar in your niche, allows you to put your best possible effort and resources towards your goals. Also, let go or quit the things pulling you away from what you are meant to do. Ask yourself, What sets me apart from everyone else? Once you establish this superpower, you will see that challenge or the dip is what sets you apart from everyone else, the dip becomes your advantage.

It is time to reevaluate what is sucking up your resources or might be dead end. Reclaim your energy and connect to long term goals, jobs or hobbies you desire for yourself. Focus on the things you can be a superstar with and stick out the dip!

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