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The 5 Essentials

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Using Your Inborn Resources to Create a Fulfilling Life

Andrea Seydel Live Life Happy Unconventional Book Club


The 5 Essentials taps into our deep personal resources to become our true selves.

Bon Deutsch PHD is founder of Brain Sells and has devoted his career towards discovering the underlying dynamics of human desire and attachment.

If you are on a quest to realize the best version of yourself or want to know how you can create a full, creative and dynamic life you desire, then The 5 Essentials is your guidebook.

Often times we believe that our capacities are limited because we don't realize that we have access to a remarkable set of resources that are easy to use.


Start getting the inner resources to work for you. These inner tools Deutsch referred to as essentials, because they reside in all of us.

Five Essentials:

Curiosity- Curious people simple get more out of life because they make the effort to "look under the hood" and discover how the world operates. Choose to be curious and you open up a myriad of opportunities. What's behind the glowing door? Curiosity allow you to see the world through endless possibilities. "What's Next?" thinking.

Openness- Approach life and project with an openness, that is where all the magic is. When you set about your goals with an air of openness, you have an outcome in mind but you embrace a different and better outcome. Openness allows of possibility to flow. Being open increases the changes of surprise and delight. Say yes and try improvising.

Sensually- Feeling your own experience of your own experience. Allow yourself to make full use of your senses as you go through your life. When you dive deep in life not just skimming the surface, you let yourself interact with the world at a deep level. Run a "system check"by listening to, feeling and observing the world and others.

Paradox- Typically we compartmentalize the world, our roles and our experiences, but great things happen when we play with ambiguities. There are more possibilities. A Paradox being two seemingly opposing things like safety or danger. Most people view paradox as a problem, embracing paradox as complexity. not as threat but a challenge to find your way to something new. He is suggesting adding the word AND Safetly and Danger. Confidence and doubt. Mix the unlikely and you open the door for growth and creativity.

Self-Story-Explore the recurrent pattern of your being. It is a force driving your authentic self. It is your underlying design of you, warts and all. Understanding your self-story is a powerful resource. Your self-story is what you are about, it is a sense of who you are as a person, it's your world view and perspective and it involves what you consider yourself a part of. Create a metaphor that represents your story. Capture your essence or theme in your life. As humans we seek narrative


Combine the Essentials with 5 Key processes to mast the creation of your self-story.

Always be on your way home- One key to living a life fulfilled is to have a clear sense of your destination- without ever reaching your destination. Continual path to be who you were meant to be. Enhancement of your self-story. Curiosity helps drive toward this destination. Openness helps you see possibility. Feel what feels right on this path. Check unlikely events or paradox.

Own your narrative- There's a difference between being aware of your self-story and taking true ownership of it. Let your self-story work for you. Owning you, self story is what you are about, being you no matter what. Stay curious and intimate about your narrative and discover core values, capture contradictions and limits with paradox, be open to nuances in self story.

Stop and focus- Taking a moment to gather yourself and change your pace is essential. Instead of react to life, take the escalator to the next level, get mindful, curious and aware. Look for answers underneath with openness. Challenge with paradox and do nothing.

Riff on the world- A riff is about building upon something creatively to come up with something new. Create something distinctive within the structure of your discipline. Use something known as a foundation for exploration. Riffing is exploring with structure behind it. Understand self-story enough so you can Riff. Riffing can shorten learning curves on new ventures.

Vitalize- One of the most energizing aspects of living the truest version of your life is that doing so has potential to bring increased vitality. What is a vital life? It's when you feel more joy in everyday, you find potential for surprise around every corner, you feel control and abandonment, Remain curious, be open to sharing and opportunity comes back. Share enthusiasm with others and the paradox is when you give away vitality the more vitality you experience within. Think of an elevator pitch, the parts of you that most excite and energize others, you can find what is essential about you.


These tools and processes bring you closer to the person you were most meant to be and offer you theist chance to lead a fulfilling and vital life.

This book encourages you to experience and participate in your life in the fullest possible way. To get closer to your true nature and develop your self-story.

Final question: what do I want most for myself.

Deutsch wish is for this book to be used as an invitation to your life party.

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