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Updated: Aug 11, 2020

SIGNS: The Secret Language of the Universe


Laura Lynne Jackson- Renowned psychic medium teaches us how to recognize and interpret/understand the secret language of the universe.

We can learn to ask for and recognize signs from the universe. We can gain more meaning and clarity. Fosters a sense of hope, faith and spirituality.

Through this book Jackson is able to bring the mystical into the everyday. She explains uncanny revelations and instance of unexplained synchronicity.

This book offers inspiration, deep comfort and motivation to ask ourselves to see beyond ourselves and physical form and delve into the magnificent universal design.


I know what your thinking... WHERE IS THE SCIENCE ANDREA? There has been a great deal of study and debate around the meaning of coincidences or Synchronistic events- Which are SIGNS... most science concluded that they have no meaning beyond that which we give them.

Not much scicence offers supportive evidence, however, as we go through life we can decide for ourselves what these synchronistic events or magical occurrences mean to us.

BUT.... Coincidences, or magical interventions do offer: a sense of faith or belief in unseen order. It allows us to be more mindful and in the present moment. It offers encouragement, support and comfort. When we trust in the signs, we begin to learn life lessons faster and in a more beautiful way. A sense of interconnectivity and a mindset for growth, connection and spirituality. ALL OF WHICH IN POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY ARE ELEMENTS OF WELL-BEING and subjective happiness. We also begin to understand and see signs as gifts in the present moment, while allowing us to make a choice how it affects our lives.



Take a moment to look at the world around you. All the trees, homes, the sky, clouds, the cars, street sighs, and people. When we slow down our lives for a moment and truly take in the beauty and spectacle of the world, we become mindful- we can better appreciate just how blessed we are. BUT THERE IS A DEEPER LAYER!!

The world is a magnificent tapestry of connections and sights and light and love all woven into the ordinary fabric of life. We can open our hearts and minds and discover new ways of seeing the world. READY? Take or leave what you like!

You are receiving signs. The universe, God, energy, your loved ones on the other side, your spirit guides, are sending them to you, reaching out and trying to connect with you. Okay your thinking... but how doe it happen? How does a sign manifest? What is the vehicle? We are all universal energy or life force. a massive swirl of energy. Our energy, our light, our consciousness, does not just encompnay our physical form. THIS ENERGY IS PART OF US> And the energy behind the signs.


We all have teams of light supporting us: God Energy, Spirit guides/mentors, Past loved ones. They all serves as teachers, mentors, and protectors from the other side who's purpose is to watch over us and guide us towards our best and highest life path. The concept of spirit guides may sound strange, but its been around since the dawn of human existence. Different cultures have different names of it. Guardian angel, devine eye, angel, messenger,

You can call on your team of light any time to help you. She mentions in her book that teams of souls on the other side and engineers important events or meetings here on earth. They push us to forge and appreciate our connections to other people who can enrich our lives and help us grow. EG. My Boss in New York

Our team of light are relentless when it comes to ge4tting our attention. Clutter and chaos of our busy lives often overwhelm these signs and messages. We don't see them, or we see them but they don't register, or we dismiss them. BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR THEM. HAVE HEIGHTENED SENSE OF ALERTNESS TO LOVING CONNECTIONS ON EARTH. Be open to people being steered into our path, because those people might be sent to help us heal and grow. EG: Gifts Gratitude Cards

DON'T BELEVE IN THIS STUFF... ? But if you're not at least a little open to it, you could be missing out on something really amazing. Stay open to the possibility. It can also bring comfort and growth, if not for anything else.


Default signs: Birds, butterflies, coins appearing in our path, electrical events, rainbows, licences plates, feathers, Music, numerical sequences. Matter is simply energy manipulation. Everything is made of energy and matter.

Defying the odds are signs: Elephant zoo vs running down the street. Pause and search for hidden connections or meaning.

Notice timing: Perfect timing on a song played on the radio you needed to hear.

Repetitions: Something keeps happening over and over in our lives. For example keep seeing certain objects, hearing similar phrases, Far from just random= Signs Pay attention and try to figure out what the universe might be trying to tell you. EG. Repeating numbers ALL THE TIME- LOOK UP MEANING

Dreams: Loved ones often visit our dreams to connect with us. Dream visitations are important for lessons and healing.

Intuitive Pulls: This sign you cannot see or hear but only feels deep inside. Gut instinct or guiding force that exists beyond rational mind. TUGS Go this way... Avoid accident.

Blocked Paths: Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes it is a blessing not to get what you want. Other side tries very hard to steer us towards the right decision and will even put obstacles in the ay of us getting what we think we want. INTERVENTION

Think Backwards: It is easy to miss signs, it's like cosmic morse code. Think about events that happened in your life and look to see patterns in retrospect. Ask yourself "Did this happen to me before?"


The universe is always speaking to us... sending us little messaged, causing coincidences and serendipities, reminding us to stop, to look around, to believe in something else, something more. Remember we are all interconnected.

Co-create your language: TIPS Quiet time to clear your mind and shift your energy. Ask for a sign that you want. It's really that simple. Send me an orange if I am on the right path. You can ask for help, too. Be receptive to signs. Say thank you. Share your signs as they are amazing experiences.

We have many possible paths, the uinvese sends us signals to steer us towards our highest paths. Embracing change and confronting fears that hold us back is difficult. Sometimes we refuse to leave a path we're on. Signs shine light on our fears so we can navigate the dark and choose the higher better path.

Signs help us make fateful life decisions- moments when we look fear squarely in the eyes, then chose the path of hope and love. We make things happen when we realize we have the power to make things happen. Let go of fear and allow what was supposed to happen happen. "It was the universe giving me a clean break."

We need to ask ourselves: "How do I really want to build my life? when we come up with the answer the universe will back us up and root for us to succeed. SIGNS AFFIRM WE ARE NOT ALONE ON THIS EARTH.

Don't be afraid , you close yourself off. When you open your heart and your mind, what comes back from the universe is pure love and joy. SURRENDER- this book is about the journey towards looking at our lives and opening our minds to the possibility of signs sent to us. Embracing the power that signs can have on our lives. It allows us to trust, have faith and surrender.,


Love is the bridge between you and everything. This secret language helps us understand some of themes confusing parts of our world., It helps bus understand why crtian people come into our lives. Helps us see meaning in darkness or confusion. It helps us navigate loss. It helps us know we are watched over and loved.

This secret language of the universe brings meaning, forgiveness, hope and light into our lives. Understanding this language helps guide us onto our highest path, and reassures us that we are not alone.

Once we open our mind and heart the perceiving this secret language, we begin to see it everywhere.

Shine Brightly: TIPS Shift energy elevate energy. Gratitude- we emit vibrations and give off energy vibrations. Gratitude is a pure vibration. Thoughts matter: Today is a gift. Manifest- be clear on your desires. Travel- good for energy. Negative Ions- ion is an atom or group of atoms. A negative ion. cre4ated by natural forces like air, water, and sunlight. Smudging-Purification Clears harmful bacteria in the air. Movement. Food. Sleep., Prayer. Meditation.


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