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Out of the Box Retirement

With Andrea Seydel Writing Coach | Book Doula | Podcaster

OUT OF THE BOX RETIREMENT: Creative Ideas, Role Models, and New Possibilities 

by The Retirement Coaches Association

Traditional Retirement Planning Has Been Put On Notice!

You don't want to miss this Author Interview!!  Listen live Now

Get ready to flourish in the new era of retirement as more than a dozen retirement experts share decades of experience to help you unleash your imagination and envision retirement like never before. Get inspired with real life stories and situations that can help you avoid falling into common traps and turn your dreams into reality. Step outside of old and outdated traditions, and create a more personal and satisfying plan for retirement with a book that: Awakens your creative spirit and soulful expression Breaks the old and outdated rules that hold so many people back Fosters confidence, control, and clarity Helps you customize retirement in a way that reflects your deepest needs and desires. 

Join Jennette Lalonde and Mary Morency for a refreshing out of the box approach to social isolation and retirement!!

You can reach these ladies at

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