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Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Andrea Seydel Unconventional Bookclub Highlight

MINDFUL RELATIONSHIPS : Creating Genuine connection with ourselves and others

By Dr. Richard Chambers & Margie Ulbrick

Did you know research has shown that you can enhance connections and compassion by using #mindfulness. In the Book Mindful Relationships, Chambers and Ulbrick provide practical insight and evidence based guidance how to build #mindful caring relationships. This book is about creating genuine connections with others. Evidence has shown that their are many benefits that come with mindfulness. . Two major themes that come up are, true intimacy must begin with ourselves and intimacy spreads out in an ever expanding way. When you are mindful in a #relationships you are holding what you experience in loving presence.

Mindfulness relationship as a daily practice

Mindfulness is living in the present and acting with awareness. Mindfulness is the whole way of being. You can practice mindfulness every day by noticing when you are already mindful versus when you are on autopilot. You can also develop mindful qualities such as attention, awareness, embodiment, curiosity, non-judgment, gentleness and self compassion. Science shows that mindfulness can rewire our brain. It allows us to use a more logical part of our brain.

Become a more mindful self

To become more mindful, a good practice it is to simply make an effort to be more present. Guided meditations are useful and you can use as training wheels. Create a regular practice and remember mindfulness is about tuning in instead of tuning out. Try to get in touch with what IS and be gentle with yourself. Mindfulness start with you. Try to be mindful during everyday activities, let go of resistance and take time to pause and check in with yourself.

Mindfulness benefits couples

Give your partner the attention they deserve. When you are mindful in a #relationship you are holding what you experience in loving presence. Conflict in relationships usually stems from an un-met yearning for intimacy and compassion. Mindfulness benefit communication intimacy and emotional connection.

Mindfulness enhances the family

Mindfulness supports a family environment as well. Loving presence towards your family members foster's connection and compassion. Some mindful family tips are: to have mindful transitions, exercise mindfulness when you arrive and depart, see the best in each member, have mindful hugs, communicate with mindful talking and choose acceptance.

Mindfulness in the workplace

If you are mindful at work, you will be better able to make decision, stay focused, decrease conflict, connect with coworkers, and be more productive.

There are so many benefits of being mindful within relationships with others and ourselves. It is exciting to know that we can practice mindfulness and actually get better at it. For a full highlight of this book visit my podcast Live life happy with Andrea Seydel!

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