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Metahuman: Unleash your infinite potential

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

By Andrea Seydel Live Life Happy Unconventional Bookclub Podcast Blog

METAHUMAN- Unleashing Your Infinite Potential

Deepak Chopra unlocks the secrets to moving beyond our present limitations to access a field of infinite possibilities. How does one do this? By becoming metahuman. It's not what you think- not about being a superhero.

To be metahuman means to move past the limitation constructed by the mind and enter a new state of awareness where we have deliberate and concrete access to peak experiences

Metahuman invites the reader to walk the path here and now. Waking up, we learn, isn’t just about mindfulness or meditation. Waking up, to become metahuman, is to expand our consciousness in all that we think, say, and do.

By going beyond, we liberate ourselves from old conditioning and all the mental constructs that underlie anxiety, tension, and ego-driven demands.

Deepak Chopra reminds us not to be distracted by the idols of our age but to marvel at the deep truths of being. Metahuman is a handbook to becoming fully alive.

In moments that you feel happy, do you watch yourself feel happy? If you are angry do you notice some parts of yourself not angry? Go beyond everyday awareness. Going beyond is what it takes to know who you really are- META HUMAN- watching your self! Greek word Meta- Means beyond.Your true self is beyond time and space. Describe the reality that lies beyond what you see is what you get. When you apply the meta reality you become meta human.



We are entangled by illusion. We are under a spell. Brain programmed by our visual image. Meta-reality- is about getting real. Deepak used examples of near death experiences to demonstrate how we are conscious even thought the brain had stopped. There was still awareness during complete death. Question becomes WHAT IS Consciousness? Is reality a stage set created by the mind? We create mental models or 3D models of reality. We create our world from memories, experiences etc. We create personal mental models: In essence our world is like dreaming, virtual reality, fantasizing, or willful blindness. The Self model shows we that we absorb, reject, interpret and hold onto the day in entire different ways. We have a wrap around simulation of reality. We have the ability to disconnect. Eg. Rabbit trick. See through illusion benefits us. EVERYTHING IS MIND MADE--ILLUSION

Witnessing- Detached nonjudgmental state is a path to awakening. Move us away from the falseness of what we think is Reality. When we witness the world we have a sense of true freedom and authenticity. Human Potential is Infinite, only limited by mind made limitations. We become trapped in our self models. We can surrender to it or investigate it. We are more than just our physical body and world we have created, like robots. Self-awareness or the sense of self (or I) is taught. Witnessing is to Know ourselves beyond "I" Limitation imposed by "I" thinking. More for me ego thinking. This book makes a case that we need to dismantle ourselves. We need to embrace the infinite- living in wholeness is better. We can stop being puppets of our brains and think in a way that you rule your brain not the other way around. ****The path to meta-human is the path of self-awareness about this very thing. You can control who you are even when you think you can't.****

Meta-reality offers Freedom: See yourself without defined boundaries. Even our body appears solid, but it is not. You do not stop at your skin. Your cells are being exchanged all cells die and new ones are birthed. Electron field holds the body held together. You are not the same person you were when you were two years old. We are not solid matter. DNA is the basic building blocks or blueprint, but intelligence affect cells- Cells are dynamic and flexible and not just DNA. Intelligence and creativity are invisible (hard to study). Mind made limitation needs to be undone. Meta-reality will rescue ourselves.

Mind, Body, Brain & Universe are Modified Consciousness or Meta-Reality- THE NEW STORY: Close the gap between illusion and reality. Test the space between time space reality. Existence and consciousness are the same thing. We need to create an open state of mind. This will allow us to know our source. READY TO WAKE UP?

PHOTO PERCEPTION: Create a story from image-



1. Put Experience First: Dimension of life that is beyond virtual reality (reality) Experience is the same thing, a conscious event. We put things/interpretation/expectations first. Put experience first is the key to Meta-reality. Eg. Drinking a cup of tea. THINGS vs. EXPERIENCE. Micro sensitivity in all our senses. Human experience doesn't have to be a real experience. On a quantum level- we can experience things like it is real. Sensory Experience can be taught and enhanced: Example Super tasters- Coffee, super smellers- perfume

2. Move away from verification. Verification is the way we give things thingness. We create conclusions and meaning. We lump together a jumble of beliefs, experiences, old conditioning and second hand opinions. We make things more concrete or real in our mind. We make things solid and fixed. We create a spell dream illusional world. We can thaw this thingness. I am- Simplest of all experience. This is the level of the true self. Mind at the simplest level. Live close to your source. The process of waking up is natural and anyone can do it. True self is talking to us in moments of love, joy, creativity and renewal. This is how we become in touch with meta-reality.

3. Going Beyond ALL stories: It is an Inner journey. All stories have no bearing. Be fully aware of what is happening to you right now. Why do we embellish it with our own story? Metahuman- is about waking up to Here and NOW. The present moment has no story- it just is. Go beyond adding meaning. From meaning from the source, not from your story or illusion you add to things. We become attachment to our story: Also add to misery- For example a story of "I am fat" means "I am not slim". The we wake up we live effortlessly in the present. You shift to being you, instead of influence from stories and identity. Stop defending I, me, and my. Fade away "what's happening to me". Let the Narrative of self fades away.

4. Waking up is a tough concept to grasp. Teaching people to wake up: Tough because it is often considered fringe or new age. Meditation, Direct awareness, increase well-being and deepen awareness, hypnosis etc. There are many different ways to wake up. Science has shown The point of waking up is to remove some barriers created by memory and other barriers created by forgetting. Happiness is blocked if you keep remembering and reaching old hurts. But just as effective if you remember just how happy you were.

BOTTOM LINE Waking up- Is about Expanded self-awareness. We go beyond stories, beyond fixed boundaries, beyond the rickety construct of "I". and in doing so awareness naturally expand because stories, boundaries and limitations were artificial to begin with.

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1. Start where you are: Experience your direct Experience.Get in touch with how much narrow your sense of reality really is. Waking up expands reality even more. It's Like turning on the lights, removing blinders etc. Expand your bandwidth. As humans we can change the channel. Eg. Think of birds communicating it is in a different channel. BEYOND THE "ME: CHANNEL. Perceive your body directly without any mental interference.

2. Senses give snapshots of our life. Each sensation fades as we take in life. Notice how sensations come and go in our life. Brief and temporary sensation is what makes up our life. They are only fleeting sensations. Eg. Salt on the tongue. Come and go with each sensation. Move beyond divided consciousness. Reality is a single thing. We are whole. Consciousness includes mind and body. See your physical body, thinks about it in your mind. Eg, Look at photo of yourself. Sense it. Then think about it. We are whole and consciousness is part of our physical body.

3. Snapshot is like a camera: But there needs to be a photographer. You have the freedom to get back in touch with our perception. You have the freedom to create. Be with your senses. Relax into your experience. Waking up is relaxed. Go beyond physical and everyday awareness. Watch yourself feel happy. Watch yourself in your life. Like Movie clips, there are a bunch of snapshops pieced together. Our world is like a bunch of snapshots glue together by the mind. Artificial constructs of the mind.We are conditioned to see things as motion.

4. Mind and Physical Body- the mind creates a 3D world. It is mind made.. Eg Baby sees hand as a big blob, We add story, name, noticed the picture your mind makes. Accept world as face value. You are constantantly making the world around you. By waking up you start to see the world with greater accuracy and awareness. Mind constructs a reality to make things seem constant. Eg. Person you know face upside down. Eg. ROOM only you in it. Remove things. This gives you sense of self and also an awakening to the 3D world we construct. Raw sensation is overplayed conditioning. Everything is routed in complex conditioning. Human drama adds meaning. Contemplate the letter A. Turning on it's side. We were born into an interpreted world. You find your place in virtual reality.

5. Have a thought that is totally your own: Free from your own story, knowledge, preconditioning. Simple challenge, but it shows how hard it is to not use the conditioned mind. How do we get out of the web. Waking up is consciousness. Go beyond- Roam the road: pick an object in your room, let your mind go off and use any words that come up for you relating to that object. This will show your virtual reality. We play actor instead of the role of author. How to be an author is harder to be. By waking up you put yourself into author role in your life. You are the creative centre of all things.

6. Reveal in the play of consciousness: Do something that makes you happy. Something you enjoy. Relax into your enjoyment. Joy is one of the ways to consciousness. See through the spell, dream and visual reality illusion. Check into your day and Meta reality- This is all the dream and I am the dreamer. Experience PRESENCE-When you are awake you pay more attention to the presence of awareness. Mental activity is very clingy. Adopt witnessing. Mind quiet the true self emerges. Thoughts arise and fall. Don't label. Don't judge.

7. Become timeless: The idea of a beginning, middle and end is a mental construct. What is the beginning middle and end of the colour blue? Stop your mind from interfering. EG.Have memory of past, than think about the future... they are all happening right now.. Waking up is about being timeless. Go beyond the concept of time. When you quiet the Mind, the true self emerges.

8. EXERCISE LIMITLESS: Human Imagination: Limitation is mind made. When we wake up, consciousness is created. When we wake up we move past any limitations. Exercise: Think about anything you want for your self: Write it down: (anything that you'd like to do or be that are 'impossible') Then ask yourself WHY NOT? Who says I can't. Wait for a reply. Your mind telling you all the reasons it's not possible. All limitations are build into virtual reality. Nobody says you have to follow suit. NOBODY Including yourself. When this reality starts to sink in begin to glimpse how free you really are.

9. Creative intelligence at play. You are a co-creator of your experience. Waking up is about being whole- aware of the physical world, mental world, cosmic consciousness and creative intelligence. We are WHOLE. Ex. Car part or whole. organs, systems human. I am Infinite creativity. Pure consciousness is the form of all things. Think of synchronicity.

10. Human suffering is attached to the physical virtual reality. It is a construct. By waking up to consciousness, you allow the conditioned mind to release the hold. When people suffer people tend to blame themselves. But it from the virtual reality. Break the deal. EXERCISE: Think back to a time you went through suffering: Notice it as if it is on a screen playing. Be the observer. We cling to memory and cling to experience which makes us suffer. Suffering is part of the construct. Be here in the now, you have nothing to cling to and nothing hold on to, lower suffering. You are holding onto virtual reality. LET GO. Hurt, resentment, anger cling tightly. It's as simple as that when we wake up and detach from the virtual reality and LET GO, we move to a different consciousness. Suffering comes to the end when we move past the illusion.

11. Freedom is about being here now. It is freedom from fear and feeling trapped. Waking up is about not clinging and being here now. Eg. What did you do, and what were you thinking last tuesday at 7:37pm. We don't need to remember or cling to that we can let go. Conditioned mind responds to all things. We need to wake up and become timeless. We can stand into the timeless. Let go of time. Present moment constantly renews itself. When you are awake the timelessness keeps showing up and recreating itself. Waking up is a state that already exists. Our stories we tall ourselves interrupt our experience. Our stories or visual reality create limits. Forbidden thoughts. UNLIMITED. Stop buying into limitations.

12. Enjoy the movie of your life even though you know you created the movie. Everyday be in an awakened state. Be emerged in the now. Let go of attachment, stand back yet be involved. Waking up is in the now. No regrets of the past or attachment to the future. I AM HERE AND THAT IS WHAT MATTERS!!


In moments that you feel happy, do you watch yourself feel happy? If you are angry do you notice some parts of yourself not angry? Go beyond everyday awareness. Going beyond is what it takes to know who you really are- META HUMAN- watching your self! Greek word Meta- Means beyond.Your true self is beyond time and space. Describe the reality that lies beyond what you see is what you get. When you apply the meta reality you become meta human.

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