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LIGHTEN UP: Love What You Have, Have What you Need, Be Happier With Less

Andrea Seydel Live Life Happy Unconventional Book Club


Peter Walsh teaches us how to change the way we measure happiness. The way we face financial situations and set realistic priorities. He helps us create space for what really matters, plan realistically, and to be happier with less. Choose a richly rewarding life over mindless pursuit of meaningless stuff. For most people, money worries are a daily concern. We tend to spend on things that don't matter or don't contribute to our personal happiness. ARE YOU READY TO LIGHTEN UP? Peter Walsh offers us a plan to help us escape the emotional chaos that finical insecurities can cause in our lives. This book is more than just telling us to cut out the triple latte to save you hundreds, he starts by asking what's REALLY important in your life!!

How a life with LESS can be a life with MORE:

In positive psychology and the study of human flourishing- science shows that we tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather recognizing and appreciating what we do have. Even when we do get new things we have hedonic adaptation. We adapt to the new shiny car, or house, or outfit, or jewelry. Keep in mind that happiness is a process not an end goal. You have more control over your joy than you think!

Happiness does not come from hugely expensive price tags, a maxed out credit card, a crushing mortgage, or keeping up with the five though sand fiends on Facebook. This book demonstrates how life with less can actually be more fulfilling and rewarding.

You may ask... How do you life a life of abundance on less? This book LIGHTEN UP helps you.... to can reclaim your financial life and be happy with significantly less. But it is up to you... Only you can define who you really are and live up to that person every single day. We need to create a realistic vision for our lives, reassess the words abundance, needs, wants, and entitlements.

BOTTOM LINE: Your well-being does't have to be measured by monetary wealth. You can capitalize on where you derive happiness, and find your truest sources of pleasure and joy.

The life you imagined for yourself?

If I were to ask you what it means to have your life in perfect order what would you say? Maybe it's being less stressed at work and with money, and maybe having more quality time with family. Maybe it's seeing your debt go away, maybe it's plans for bigger goals and dreams. Maybe it's achieving a healthier more energetic you. Maybe it's freedom from constant worry or maybe you just want to accomplish more throughout your day.

IN OTHER WORDS... YOU ARE NOT WHERE YOU WANT TO BE!! You are not who you want to be! Don't worry.. it all starts with a new vision.

Bottom line: You have to know what you want in order to achieve it. Be as specific as possible about what you want and what would make you happy. Then figure out instead what you want FROM these goals. Not just what you need and want. The word FROM ads a new perspective and allows you to consider what you own, what you buy, and what you think is important in your life.

Action: Describe your best most reasonable lifestyle. Think in all dimensions: financial goals, career/buiness goals, free time/family time, health/appearance, relationship goals, personal growth, and making a difference. Write three goals for each category. THEN ask yourself what you want FROM these goals.

What makes you Happy?

Ask yourself these questions: What do I value most? What is my greatest treasure? What can't be replaced? What makes me happy? When am I happiest? When am I unhappiest? If I had to list 2-3 things that would make me happier today, they would be. Basically finish the sentences: I get most happiness from... I am most happy when... Your responses are worth thinking about.

Action: The fire drill exercise: Imagine your house is on fire. List the top three things your make sure you get out of your house. The big three exercise: List three things that get in the way of happiness in my life are:

Personal audit time:

Consider clutter as anything that stands in the way between you and your vision you have for your best life. What are your sources of tension?

Clutter can be: bad decisions, stuff, anger, anxiety, negative self talk, repetitive thoughts or feelings , fear and self-loathing, self-doubt, frustration, shame,.

To get rid of clutter.. in your head, in your home, or your heart... you have to start by connecting with your vision for your life.

Action: Then ask: what is getting in the way of my vision and happiness? The answer is your own clutter. Ask yourself What emotional stuff have you consumed that's affecting your life? What financial stuff has you taken on that is affecting your life? What physical stuff have you filled your home with that 's affecting your life?

Create space for what really matters: Your Personal Action Plan

GET CLARITY- Organizing your life is more than just simplifying and cleaning up. Have a vision, set new priorities, be mindful of your time.

GET REAL- Stop being a victim. The clutter inyoru life is yours and yours alone. Don't cling to your problems insert of letting go and changing. Take responsibility for your vision and your clutter.

GET GOING- Make a commitment to figure out what's really bothering you in your life and make it a goal to change that. Where is the tension then work backwards to remove that tension. Look at how you are spending your time and rethink your priorities.

Look at your home & stuff:

There is one word that lies at the root of peoples emotional pain and anguish and that is STUFF, not money or lack there of. Stuff gets in the way of have the rich , full life that we deserve.

Less is more: Less can drum up negative connotations of lack or missing something, deprivation, hardship, BUT what if we shifted your mindset? Think of LESS of things that cripple us, or slow us back from more happiness, opportunity, more energy, more freedom, more of the things that we truly value. Less stress, less worry, less anxiety, less dependence, less clutter.

Embrace less as a positive and as an opportunity to be responsible and to be a mindful consumer. It's about filling your soul instead rather than our physical space.

Action: Take a look at your home and picture having half of the amount of stuff right now. What does it look like? How would that make you feel? Picture having less instead of chasing more, how does that feel? Allow yourself to consider that thought and consider what your life would be like?


This book offers a new approach to auditing your life. It helps you clearly understand the difference between the things you THINK you must have and the things that REALLY will contribute to your happier life.

What was your take away? What are the things that you thought you must have and what are the things that will really make you happier? What is your new vision fro yourself?

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