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Life Purpose Bootcamp

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Live Life Happy Unconventional Bookclub Highlight

Life Purpose Bootcamp: The 8 week breakthrough plan for creating a meaningful life.

Life can be busy and complicated. Have you ever craved more out of your life or simply wanted to feel like there is more meaning in your life? Sometimes when we feel bored or fed up, what we might need is a breakthrough in order to offer insight, meaning and purpose. We are all built to want a life to feel valuable and meaningful, in Eric Maisel's Book, Life Purpose Bootcamp, he offers a no excuse, cut to the chase program for defining, training for and achieving your goals. He believes we must name, embrace and commit to life purposes every day! During this process it is important to realize that Meaning is a certain sort of experience and Life Purpose is a certain sort of intention. Having a clear understanding of what brings you meaning, what you value and what your intentions are will become the lens through which you see the world. Here are his tips for creating a life with meaning:

Week 1: Create Menu of Meaning Opportunities- Make a large list of the things in your life that feel meaningful to you. They can be activities or ways of being.

Week 2: Create You Mix of Meaning Opportunities- Make a list of what you value in your life and mix it with your meaning list.

Week 3: Upgrade Your Personality- Recognize your counterproductive mind and tap into your strengths. What needs upgrading?

Week 4: Dealing With Your Circumstances- Step back and be honest. Change circumstances getting in the way of your potential or change your mind around the circumstances.

Week 5: Name Your Life Purposes- What are your own meaning making abilities? Keep it super simple. Simply notice your list of meaning against values and strengths.

Week 6: Create Your Life Purpose Statement- From your lists already created, simply make a statement on how you intend to live. Then live that statement.

Week 7: Create Your Life Purpose Icon & Mantra - Create an icon or symbol that represents this statement as a reminder. How you intend to live each day.

Week 8: Living Your Life Purpose- Practice living your purpose and make yourself proud everyday. Remind and focus on life purpose.

Choose a life purpose so you can experience life as more meaningful. Hopefully his tips help you create a statement that can guide your life and be your true north. Be sure to listen to my Live Life Happy Podcast for a full Highlight of Life Purpose Bootcamp and many other amazing book highlights.

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