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Life Loves You:

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

7 Spiritual Practices to Heal Your Life

Andrea Seydel Unconventional Bookclub Book Highlight


Louise Hay & Robert Holden take us through the lens, that life doesn't happen to you; it happens for you. They dig into the power of love, the nature of reality, the friendly universe and the heart of who you really are.

Life Loves you is filled with stories, mediations, prayers and exercises.

Louise and Robert give us practical philosophy based tools on spiritual practices.

1. LOOKING IN THE MIRROR: Letting Life Love You:

Practicing the how of self-love

Kissing the mirror- you can only see when you stop judging. We form a habit of self judging. "I am not rich enough" " I am not thin enough."

Myth of inadequacy- The basic fear is "I am not lovable" Basic truth is "I am lovable

Practice Mirror Principle: 1. Be a aware your relationship with yourself is a reflection of your relationship with the people in you life. 2. This mirror shows you how you suffer and how you can heal. 3. Mirror reflects you self image of who you are and what you identify with. Eg. "I am a victim" you see the world through fear and defensiveness. 4. Most effective way to change your psychology is to change your mind about yourself first. 5. Stop judging yourself and see how lovable you really are. See the beautiful YOU. "Hi kid, I am with you today." Become a true friend to yourself. 6. Affirm, "I am willing to let life love me today."


Healing the ego's basic fear

Your Radiant intelligence- follow your passion and find your voice. We sometimes suffer from psychology. What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, present thoughts build our life of tomorrow, our life is a creation of our mind.

Dwell in possibility- Ask yourself What is one good thing that could happen if i judged myself less is... You can choose your thoughts. Shift from the world is against me thinking to life loves me. Take control of your thinking.

Practice 10 Dots: 1. The mind influences our experience of the world. "Everything is possible." 2. Remember you are the thinker of your thoughts. 3. Notice any judgment in thoughts e.g.. " What a bad shot." 4. Become a thinker of your thoughts. 5. Say affirmations (life loves me, All is well, only good lies before me) 6 Place a sticky dot around your house or any where you will see it. 7. Pick one affirmation to start and repeat it every time you see the dot. 8. Do 10 dot experiment for 7 days.

3. FOLLOWING YOUR JOY: My affirmation Board

Trusting your inner guidance

Listen from within to your "inner ding."We are infused with natural wisdom. Say to yourself, "Tell me what I need to know today? and listen to your answer.

Love who you are, say YES to your inner guidance. Trust that you are a wise person. Say yes to your sacred beauty. Pay attention to the SACRED YES! (gut instinct)

Saying YES is a willingness to show up, an openness to journey, is having an open mind.

Practice Affirmation Board: 1.The better you are at saying YES, the better you will be at saying NO. 2. An affirmation board is a self portrait. It represents everything you say YES to. One page. 3. Listen within to your sacred YESES. (not shoulds) 4. Don't focus on having or getting. Develop qualities, ask yourself what do you want to learn or experience? Key is to express yourself. 5. Make sure your board is what you say Yes to today not future, Follow your joy.

4. FORGIVING THE PAST: The Forgiveness Scale

Reclaiming your original innocence

Ask yourself, "Who would I be without this story and this unworthiness?" Claim your innocence, (unconditioned self) it creates healing for every one. No ego

Love your inner child and you will find your innocence again. Cease all judgment. Stop the statements like, I am not good enough, I am bad, or there is something wrong with me. FORGIVE- we all have done our best with what we knew at every stage in our lives.

Forgive yourself , forgive your parents, let go of grievances...Forgiveness offers a beautiful vision the future. Spread love from the inside out. END THE CYCLE of fear, judgement, pain, guilt, revenge, and attack.

Practice the forgiveness scale: 1. Scale is 0 to 100 percent. 2. Choose a person to focus on (yourself or others). 3. Take a deep breath and quiet your mind. 4. Ask yourself, "from 0 to 100 percent, how much have i forgiven this person?" How does this number affect your life? 5. Take the number up in percentage. State to yourself, "am I willing to forgive to a higher percentage?" 6. Every step help s you let go, experience healing,grace and inspiration to others. 7. Love is a healing power.

5. BEING GRATEFUL NOW: Daily Gratitude

Cultivating basic trust

Ask yourself, "What am I grateful for today?" Gratitude opens your eyes to a new way of seeing. To trust in life again.

Notice the gift of everything. Gratitude halts judgment. Listen and observe with love and gratitude. Notice life loves you. Gratitude expands your awareness, trains your vision, is a spiritual practice, supports basic trust, brings you back to the now.

Path of trust. It is a way of being. You think you can handle your life, and trust in all the good things life has to offer. When you lose faith in ourselves and our lives, we stop trusting the present moment will take care of us.

Practice Daily Gratitude: 1. Every moment presents new wonderful opportunity to become more of who you are. 2. Give thanks for your life. 3. Gratitude takes you in the direction of love. 4. Increases awareness of good. 5. Remember the basic truth, "I am loveable."

6. LEARNING TO RECEIVE: A Receiving Journal

Being undefended and open

There are so many gifts still unopened. Practice the already principle. You are already blessed and already been given east you need for your journey in this life. When the receiver is will come.

Receiving at its purest level is about being open and receptive to your true nature. It's about you and being, not things. It is about self-acceptance. Affirm, I am open and receptive to my highest good,

Practice a receiving Journal: 1. Spend 15 minutes a day, for the next seven days. 2. Write down your response to the sentence... One way life is loving me right now is... 3. Don't edit just let it flow.

7. HEALING THE FUTURE: Blessing the World

Choosing love over fear

Every thought we think is creating our future. Projections is making perception. For example, when you project lack of self-love onto others you accuse them of not loving you, or all you see is an unfriendly universe.

Fear shows us one world and love shows us another world. We decide which is real. Become trusting in love. Look for the light of the world. Talk happiness.

Practice Blessing the world: 1. Say Life loves me and I love life. 2. Bless self and loved ones, neighbourhood, Enemies, the world.


Life loves you takes you to the heart of who you are. It explores your relationship with the world and asks deep questions about the nature of reality.

Our purpose in life is to be a loving mirror to the world; to not just let life love us but to also love it back.

The seven spiritual practices are: 1. The mirror principle 2. Affirming your life 3. Following your Joy 4. Forgiving your past 5. Being grateful now 6. Learning to receive 7. Healing the future

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