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Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are So you Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be

Andrea Seydel Live Life Happy Unconventional Book Club


Do you ever suspect that everyone else has life figured out and you don't have a clue? Rachel Hollis has something to tell you... THAT'S A LIE. Are you ready to discover the lies and misconceptions that too often hold us back from living joyfully and productively.

Get ready to unpack and examine the falsehoods that hold us back and how to live with passion and hustle. We must first understand the lies that get in the way. You are more than you have become and you are utterly in control over what you do with that information.


Thinking... Someday I will get out of here, and then I'll be happy. This is a lie because Happiness is NOW.

When you are engaged, involved and choosing to enjoy your own life, it 'doesn't matter where you are. You will still find happiness because it's not about where you are but WHO YOU ARE.

ACITON: 1. Stop comparing yourself to other people. 2.Surround yourself with positivity. Who do you see during your day? 3. Figure out what makes you happy and do those things. Choose the things and people that bring you joy.


Do you know someone who always keeps there word? If they tell you they're coming, you can expect them ten minute early. Conversely, how often have you said, "I'll start tomorrow." It's a lie!

If you choose to day not to break a promise to yourself, you will slow down and make commitments with more intention.

ACTION: 1. Start with one small goal and follow through. 2. Be careful with commitments, slow down your yes. 3. Be honest with yourself about what you are blowing off.


Often when we succeed we get praise and feel accepted. Often times when we don't get praise or feel accepted we don't feel good enough. This is a lie.

We take on many roles and have trouble performing at our best in all roles so we think we are not good enough.

ACTION: 1. See a therapist or life coach to help you uncover insecurities. 2. Hustle for joy not over compensating. 3. Put yourself first on your list of priorities.


Why do we gossip? Pointing out flaws in others does not diminish your own. Word have power, even the ones whispered behind someone's back.

Get past the desire to judge or compete.

ACTION: 1. Choose nonjudgmental friends. 2. Be your own gossip police. 3. Deal with your own insecurities.


Dysfunctional relationships are a sign that you are not able to value yourself. Be willing to walk away and own your self-respect.

Staying in relationships with a partner that doesn't truly value who you are as a person is your choice. Sometimes being willing to walk away, even if it means breaking your own heart, can be the greatest act of self-love.

ACTION: 1. Have a sounding board, your judgement can be clouded when you're in love. 2. Be aware of your boundaries and self-respect. 3. Look at it from someone else's shoes. Would you say your relationship is healthy?


We have all been told no in so many different ways. What is the one think that truly give you an advantage over others. This its the thing that NO is never the final answer for you! You don't have permission to quit on your dreams.

Go after your dreams, when you come across a road block, rejection, or someone says no... don't listen. REFUSE TO TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER.

ACTION: 1. Keep your eyes on your goals, regardless of what gets in the way. 2. Seek alternate paths. 3. Keep you goals in plain sight, stay fired up and excited about your projects.


Imagine a little baby taking her first steps: She finally tries that first step and stumbles and falls on her butt. She's happy and excited, but you turn and look at her and say, "good job, but you should be running by now."

Negative self-talk can be really damaging and emotionally abusive. FOR WHA? Because you haven't lost as much weight as you'd like. Because you haven't established the career your wanted. Because your aren't married yet. STOP and believe in perfect timing. Everything is actually happening exactly when it's supposed to.

ACTION: 1 Make a list o all the things you have accomplished so far. Write yourself a letter about your tenacity. Force yourself to list all the things you have accomplished, you'll realize you are wrong. 2. Talk to a friend and realize how ridiculous this sounds to them. 3. Set goals without time limits. As long as your are working toward the things you hope to accomplish it should't matter if it taks you a month or decade.


How often have you said: Well, this is my hobby. this is just something I do on the side. My job is being a mom We can continue to live as half of ourselves simply because it;s hard for others to handle all of you.

Why are we making ourselves small to make others feel more comfortable? Have you spent a lifetime muting yourself for fear of what others will think? Are you an entrepreneur who calls your business a hobby or side fun thing?

ACTION: 1. Have a willingness to offend, not everyone is going to understand or approve of you. 2. Make a bold statement- You can decide who you are. Make a choice everyday to show up unappoligetically. 3. Start consuming content that speaks to you specifically. Listen to your guru's or read your favourite books.


The truth is, we are the only person responsible for who we become and how happy we are. Your life is up to you. Identity the lies that you are telling yourself, so that we can systematically destroy them and take ownership for your own life. Don't let lies get in the way of your unique gifts and talents. The main message here is you are good enough already! A caterpillar is awesome, but if a caterpillar stopped there, we would miss out on the beautiful creature she would become.

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