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Everything is Figureoutable

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

By Andrea Seydel Live Life Happy Unconventional Bookclub

Everything Is Figureoutable Marie Forleo

Nothing in life is that complicated . You can do whatever you set your mind to if you just roll up your sleeves , get in there , and do it . Everything is figureoutable .

Everything Is Figureoutable ! This phrase and philosophy took root in my soul . Since then , it’s become the most powerful driving force in my life .

No matter what you’re facing , you have what it takes to figure anything out and become the person you’re meant to be

“ Do the best you can until you know better . Then when you know better , do better . ” Everything is figureoutable will change your life. You can use it to solve mundane problems like a busted washing machine or a flat tire . You can use it to build a company , reshape your health , or create financial freedom . You can use it to find your way out of chronic stress , grief , anger , depression , addiction , anxiety , hopelessness , and debt . Most important , you can use this idea with others.

Your Road Map to Results

You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines , whimpering and complaining . You make progress by implementing ideas . You’ll need humility and courage . Self - compassion . A willingness to experiment . A sense of humor . And patience .

1 . TRAIN YOUR BRAIN FOR GROWTH: be aware of two destructive thoughts — viruses , if you will — that can pop up when you’re learning something new . The trick is to catch these thought viruses and turn them into productive questions . Why ? Because the brain is wired to answer questions . No matter what question you ask , your brain will immediately start searching for an answer .

The first destructive thought to watch out for is “ I know this already . ” Whenever we feel like we already know something , our minds disengage and shut down . Ask yourself , “ What can I learn from this ? ” Ask it again and again with genuine curiosity . “ What can I learn from this ? train your brain to find new opportunities for growth .

The second destructive thought virus is “ This won’t work for me . ” Instead of saying , “ This won’t work for me , ” which instantly shuts down the possibility of anything working , stop , catch it , and change it to a more productive question . Ask yourself , “ How can this work me ? How can this work for me ? ”

2 . TRY IT BEFORE YOU DENY IT: Rule 1 . All problems ( or dreams ) are figureoutable . Rule 2 . If a problem is not figureoutable , it’s not really a problem — it’s a fact of life or law of nature ( e.g . , death or gravity ) . Rule 3 . You may not care enough to figure this problem out or achieve this particular dream . That’s okay . Find another problem or dream that ignites a blazing fire in your heart and go back to Rule 1 .

3 . DON’T OFFEND YOURSELF: Remember to ask , “ What can I learn from this ? How can this work for me ? ” I respect you . I respect and appreciate our differences . You are unique , valuable , capable , and worthy of the dreams in your heart . Most of all , you have what it takes to transform

4 . DO THE WORK: I’m talking total , down - to - your - bones commitment . Because insight without action is worthless . Taking action is the only path to change . Putting pen to paper is a mystical way to access your most profound truths . The point is to stay in action and keep moving forward . Repetition is a key principle in neuroplasticity . It’s how we rewire our brains and turn good ideas into permanent new ways of being and behaving .

5 . CONNECT WITH OUR COMMUNITY: That’s why one of the greatest joys of my life is connecting with growth - minded , creative souls like you. Everything is figureoutable- Is a mindset to help you solve meaningful problems , learn new skills , and find ways to help and contribute to others .

The Magic of Belief

Clouds parted , choirs sang , and baby cherubs shot sunbeams out of their eyes , directly into my heart . A deep , gentle presence inside me said , This is who you are . This is who you’re meant to be . “ I’m going to live here when I grow up ! ”

Everything in the material world is first created on the level of thought . Beliefs are the hidden scripts that run our lives . Our beliefs are the root of our reality and our results . Your beliefs are THE master commanders of your behavior and your results . They tell us what to notice , what to focus on , what it means , and what to do about it .

Belief — > Thought — > Feeling — > Behavior — > Result

In order to solve any problem or achieve any dream , we must first make a change at the level of belief . Belief and expectation — the key elements of hope — Belief becomes the source of your limitation or your liberation . It doesn’t matter what’s true , it matters what you believe . Our brains tend to reinforce what we already believe- Confirmation bias runs deep. Any limiting belief can be erased and replaced .


When you look more closely , a belief is nothing more than a thought that you’ve decided is significant and true . That’s it ! The first step to becoming free from your beliefs is noticing which ones are creating hurt or misery for you . Practice. Studies in neuroscience show that we can grow new neural networks and train our brain to think in new ways . Permanently changing your neural pathways requires focus , repetition , and dedication .

The whole purpose of this book is to inspire you to adopt the supremely powerful belief that everything is figureoutable ! Remember , repetition is a key principle of neuroplasticity. What is it that you want to solve , change , or figure out ? What negative or limiting belief ( s ) have stopped you from figuring this out until now ? Next , riff on why each of those negative beliefs or stories are indeed total bullshit. Now imagine , who would you be without this limiting belief ? Design a creative , playful plan to embody the belief that everything is figureoutable .

Eliminate Excuses

The worst lies are the lies we tell ourselves . What holds us back from consistently performing at the levels we’re capable of ? Those two four - letter words are “ can’t ” and “ won’t . ” Go back to all those statements and replace “ can’t ” with “ won’t . ”

You are 100 percent responsible for your life . Isn’t it true that at some point in your life — when you really , really wanted something , when it was supremely important to you — you somehow figured out a way to make it happen ? Excuses are dream killers . There are two kinds of people in the world : those with reasons and those with results .


Everything Is Figureoutable

How to Deal with the Fear of Anything

If it didn’t exist , we’d all be dead . FEAR IS NOT THE ENEMY. Action is the antidote to fear . Action metabolizes it . The trick is allowing yourself to feel fear while you take action .

FEAR IS YOUR SOUL’S GPS: Nine times out of ten , our fear is directive . It’s a signpost , pointing us in the exact direction our soul wants to go .

Write down the worst , worst , worst - case scenario that could possibly happen if you move ahead with this exciting - yet - fear - inducing idea . Worst - case scenarios are often low - probability events . They’re even less likely to happen if you strategize how to prevent them from happening , and how you’d deal with them if they did .

Reframe FEAR: Is it possible that the sensation you’ve assumed is “ fear ” could also be called anticipation , expectation , or perhaps even excitement ? To gain better control over distinguishing between your fear and intuition. Does saying yes to this make me feel expansive or contracted ?

THE TRUTH ABOUT FAILURE: I win or I learn , but I never lose .

Define Your Dream

The most intense and immediate pull

ENGAGE (do). DECIDING WHAT YOU WANT IS THE FIRST STEP TO GETTING IT. BEING TRUE TO YOURSELF AND YOUR DREAMS. RECRUITING YOUR RAS : YOUR WISH IS ITS COMMAND (your RAS acts as an attention filter ) HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS OF SUCCESS BY 42 PERCENT (write them down). LIST YOUR TOP ONE - YEAR DREAMS. If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about your life or the world , what would it be ? GET REAL ABOUT THIS DREAM: Importance (why), Difficulty (anyone else achieve it?) Past Attempts (how'd you fall short?) CHOOSE ONE!! DETERMINE YOUR NEXT THREE STEPS AND GET STARTED NOW

This __________ [ idea , relationship , project , film , book , cause , startup , skill , healing journey , habit , goal , etc . ] is the main focus of my life right now . This is what I’m willing to work days , nights , and weekends to make happen , no matter what it takes . ”

Start Before You’re Ready: You never feel ready to do the important things you’re meant to do . Action spawns courage , not the other way around .

Progress Not Perfection: All too often we stop ourselves from doing anything new because we want so badly to get it right . Progress not perfection is the only way to bridge the gap between your ability and your ambition . Growth mindset- we can improve through effort , perseverance , and experience . Powerful question: What's the next right move?

Refuse to be Refused: DECLINING DEFEAT If you don’t risk anything , you risk even more . Everything Is Figureoutable



Together , we’ll use this one simple belief , everything is figureoutable , to activate our inherent ability to transform our lives and , by doing so , instigate meaningful change around us .

We need you . We need your heart , your voice , your courage , your joy , your creativity , your compassion , your love , and your gifts . Now , more than ever.

Everything is figureoutable is more than just a fun phrase to say . It’s a practical , actionable discipline.

Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams . Because the world really does need that special gift that only you have .

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