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Crush it

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

CRUSH IT: Why now is the time to cash in on your passion

Andrea Seydel Live Life Happy Unconventional Book Club


Do you wish that you could combine your passion with business? or perhaps you have a hobby you wish you could indulge in all day? Gary Vaynerchuk teaches us why now is the perfect time to take that passion and make a living doing what you love. Get ready to discover how to use the power of the internet to turn your real interests into real business. Find out step by step how to CRUSH IT! His book is like a drivers manual or modern business.

Passion is Everything

Are you willing to do what ever it takes for the change to live entirely on your own terms?

We live in an age of unmatched opportunity for anyone with enough hustle, patience, and big dreams.

Three Rules to live by: Love your family, work super hard, live your passion. Measure your success based on how happy you are, not how big the business is or how much money you've made.

Learn to live your passion, and you'll have all the money you need plus total control over your own destiny. Passion is contagious and if you channel it into creating amazing content and distribute that content using social media tools, you can rock your business. If you have passion the drive, productivity, and money will be there.

Success is in your DNA

No one else has your DNA. You are unique and bring something different to the table. DNA enables you to take your career to the level. If you are doing what you love more than anything else in the world; and you are doing what you were born to do, you can make serious cash by turning what you love into your personal brand.

It is about building your brand equity. Developing your personal brand is the key to monitoring your passion online. Whether you are delivering content by video, podcast, or blog, it's the authentic you, the one thing that is guaranteed to differential you from everybody else. Including those people that share your niche or business model- stay true to your DNA. Building your brand is like living your Resume every second you are working.

Build your empire out of being who you are and never back down. Know what you are talking about, be honest and yourself. Consumers want you to tell the truth and be real. So no matter how you shape and colour your brand, have honesty and your DNA at the core. Begonia story!

Bottom line: Embrace your DNA, be yourself and your own brand, put out awesome content and people will be interested in what you have to say. AND do something you love entirely your way!

A Whole New World

Platforms are changing. Think about magazines, television, and newspapers for examples, everything is going online. "Where eyeballs go money flows", says Vaynerchuk. Build your personal brand and plan for the future now.

Create Great Content

To monetize your personal brand into a business using social marketing networks rests on two pillars: Product and content. Earn your money by talking about something you are crazy about= AWESOME.

Know your stuff: Passion and expertise is essential for great content. Differentiate yourself enough from other players in your niche. SHOW your DNA. Lure and Lasso: Create content, post it, and allow people to come to you. Lasso through commenting on others content that relates to yours, insert yourself into existing conversations and actively create reasons for your audience to come to you.

Bottom Line: Know yourself. Choose the right medium (Podcast, blog, Video). Choose the right topic, create awesome content, and you can make a lot of money being happy.


1. Identify your passion 2. Make sure you easily create content on your topic 3. Make sure you can talk about your passion better than anyone else. 4. Name your personal brand- Unconventional Book Club: the girl addicted to reading and learning. 5. Buy your user name .com 6. Choose your medium: Video, Audio, Written word blog, 6. Make website 7. Create Facebook fan page. 8. Sign up at & TubeMogul select platforms you want to distribution your content. 9. Post your content 10. Start creating community by leaving comments on other people's blogs and forums and reply to you own comment. 11. Use to find as many people as possible talking about your topic and communicate with them. 12. Use to find more blogs that are relevant to you subject. 13. Join as many Facebook fan pages and groups relating to your blog topic as possible. 14. Repeat over and over again. 15. Once your brand has gained sufficient attention and stickiness, start reaching out to advertisers and beginmonetizing.


My take away is that it is very powerful to turn your passion or hobby into a business. It's the perfect time to crush it and cash in on your passion using the power of the internet! This book was like a modern day manual on how to turn your passion into a business and love every day that you are working!

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