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Change your Questions Change your life

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Live Life Happy: Unconventional Book Club Highlight Andrea Seydel

Change your Questions Change your life:

10 Powerful tools for life and work by Marilee Adams Ph.D.

You can change your life by changing your questions! In the book By Marilee Adams PHD

she shows us 12 powerful Tools for leadership, coaching and life. Based on decades of research, she demonstrates how the kinds of questions we ask can shape our thinking.

Did you know questions can be undermining? She teaches us to reframe questions to get powerful practical results.

Great Results begin with great questions. "Question Everything" Albert Einstein

Questions shift perspective and help solve problems. How can you get the best answers without asking the best questions first? Questions play a role in communication, but they play a vital role in thinking as well. It's not the answers the enlighten, but rather the questions. Questions drive results. It is question thinking (QT), the show new questions can shift perspective and help solve problems. Powerful questions: What assumptions am I making? How else can I think about this? What is the other person thinking, feeling and wanting?

What is wrong with me? VS What is right with me?

Powerful question change your life.

We all have Choices

She introduces The Choice Map into her book. There are two basic paths we take in life: the learner mindset path and the judger mindset path. The judger mindset leads us to the judger pit : We have choice we shift back and forth. TIP: Ask self what is going on right now, Am I a judger or a learner? Observe your own thinking. Shift questions to help change your path to learner: eg. How else can I think of him? What can I learn?

We're All Recovering Judgers

Cost of a Judger mindset are tremendous. Enemy of good judgement, Victimhood. Questions might be: Why am I such a failure? Why bother? Why are they so stupid. Whose fault is this?

With a learner mindset the power is on! Questions might be: What happened? What do I want for myself? What can I learn?

Remember you have a choice! Moment to moment. Choose to be a learner with curious questions.

Choice Map On The Fridge as a reminder

It's all in the kinds of questions you ask. The choice Map is a good reminder.

The moment thoughts , feelings and circumstances happen to us... we have a choice.

Action follows questions : People slip into judger all the time. Questions will help you stay in a learner path.

Switching Questions

Between stimulus and response there is space. Space you have power to choose your response.

Switch lanes by asking learner questions and avoid the judger pit.

Watch out for blame. Ask yourself: What am I responsible for? What part do I play in this?

Authentic Listening

Judger mindset in other can be tough to deal with but its how we relate to the judger mindset.

Remain a learner by staying in acceptance and questions. Remain aware, breathe, stay curious, and decide how you want to show up.

Accept judger, practice learner.

Listen to the whole book highlight on my Live Life Happy Podcast with Andrea Seydel.

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