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15 Strategies For building your thriving life

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Andrea Seydel Unconventional Bookclub Highlight


Every person has difficult times in life, that is a given. you have a choice how you move through the world during tough times and easy times. There is no magic bullet that can turn things all around for us, but we don't just have to survive we can thrive. According to Lee H. Baucom in his book Thrive Principles, there are so wonderful #strategies that we can build into our lives so we can thrive!

15 Strategies for Building a #Thriving Life

  1. A thought is a thought- Pay attention to "thought storms" that are not serving you.

  2. Accept what is- We can't control life but we can give up or get up.

  3. Be #courageous- Fear keeps us small, choose to act courageously

  4. Live your purpose- How can you be of service to people

  5. Forgive quickly and move forward- forgiveness is an #opportunity to move forward

  6. Care for yourself- Take care of yourself so you can perform in the world

  7. Raise your standards- How will you raise your standards today?

  8. Show up- How do you want to show up in this world? How are you showing up?

  9. Act on your convictions- Life is choices, use convictions and values as your GPS.

  10. Assume 100% responsibility- Look for ways to take responsibility. Respond well.

  11. Impact the world- Act with #kindness, have a community impact and positively impact the world.

  12. Practice #gratitude- Appreciate and be grateful for everything in your life.

  13. Practice everyday spirituality- Connect with your inner life.

  14. Maintain boundaries- Thrivers set and maintain boundaries.

  15. Grow- Education and learning never stops, thrivers grow.

What great inspiration to help us build a thriving life. If you want more information listen to the full version of this highlight in my Live Life Happy Podcast!! Available on iTunes or any where you currently listen to your Podcasts. Have a HAPPY THRIVING LIFE.

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