Can you Think
Yourself Slim?


By: Andrea Seydel Positive - Psychology Practitioner
     Author of Mission Slim Possible 10 week diet revenge.


You can think yourself slim!

Does that sound like a wish come true?
Well it’s not. 


There is new science that says you can change your body by using your mind. The power of your mind body connection is huge and study’s keep revealing this reality. You can trick you mind into feeling content, you can motivate results, and you can remove limiting beliefs. Your Imagination is the key new way to diet.


You can trick your mind into feeling content and ultimately eat less. Brain scans reveal that by imagining yourself eating the foods that cause weight gain, you can lose the desire to eat those foods.  When you imagine eating potato chips, for example, the receptors in the brain turn off after a while, leaving you satisfied. This ultimately causes you to save the excess calories you would get if you were to actually eat the potato chips. This phenomena is called Habituation. 


You can use your mind to see what you want to achieve ultimately increasing willpower and decision making. It has been proven over and over again that what you are imagining right now will be what your life gives you in the future. When you mentally prepare yourself to lose weight, your body responds to this subconscious coaching by learning that it wants to be thin. You begin to crave healthy foods and to desire to move around more, enabling you to reach the weight loss goals.  Imagine yourself looking and feeling the way you desire. By picturing yourself looking slim and wearing a sleek black cocktail dress you can make that dream come true with proper actions.


Sometimes your biggest saboteur can be the enemy within. The only one that can hold you back is you. While we may feel that we live in a negative world, it’s up to us to go against the grain and use our minds to gain power. Think about negative feelings and self-deprecation, your mind creates these thoughts. Just by changing your mind you change your reality. You can clean out your mind and replace self-deprecating thoughts with positive statements. Delete that inner voice saying “I’m so fat”, or “I look really bad”, and replace them with, “I can and I will”, or “I am healthy and getting slimmer”. 


If your brain regulates your body and your thoughts regulate your brain, it only makes sense that you can affect many of your physical responses. You can think yourself slim. 


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