Be a catalyst for positivity and happiness  


Live Life Happy Tour 

LIVE LIFE HAPPY Tour brings positivity and happiness to your community. At community level we have access schools, local companies and community events to foster effective living and a flourishing environment. 


Our supporters, volunteers and change agents share a passion for helping schools, communities and organizations help their students, families and employees because they believe that engaged, mentally healthy, and effective people are the driving force for our future. 

Andrea along with her team of volunteers and change agents champions offers entertaining, engaging and effective events, workshops, and assembly in order to take action to a happier world. We offer Happiness Challenges, Workshops, Random Free Hug Stations, School Enrichment, Happiness Cafe Clinics, Mindfulness & Yoga Events, Happiness Game Show Night.... the list goes on.. The level of involvement is up to you and your community. 

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