Saving You Is Killing Me 

The website, blog, and podcast that is devoted to supporting YOU (not the addict in your life) through this challenging time, so you can TAKE BACK YOUR POWER!


I have been there, and know too well the pain, heart ache and struggle that comes along with caring for someone struggling with addiction. You need to know you are not alone and you are not crazy!! This is hard. All too often we put on a brave face, but secretly we are going through a private HELL full of manipulation, lies and uncertainty. 


The only thing you can do... is SAVE YOURSELF! It's time to shift the focus back onto you and bring back your sparkle, your peace and your strength, regardless of any other person... because the reality is, you didn't cause it, you can't control it, and you can't cure it... SO LET'S TOGETHER nurture you, so you can not only survive what's going on, you can thrive! As I often put it,  so you can STRUGGLE WELL!

Lastly, I am so glad we connected, because the last thing I want you to feel, is alone! 
HUGS Andrea 

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Saving You Is Killing Me-Take Back Your Power

Resources, Support and Network 


Private Facebook Group- Join us in our private Saving You Is Killing Me facebook group where we interact, express and offer support to one another. It is important to realize you are not alone and there are so many others (sadly) struggling through this very challenge.  


Uplifting Podcast- If you ever need a little boost of positivity, light, and inspiration... 

Listen and subscribe to the podcast Saving You Is Killing Me. We would also love to have anyone on the show that wants to share their story of strength, hope or resilience. We rise by supporting others! 


Private Support Group-  Join us for a Private Online Group Meeting. These meetings are free, non-judgmental and confidential. Donations are welcome. Our meetings are structured with content, learning opportunities and interactive support to help you Take Back Your Power. 


Books and Printed Material- A You can now pre-order your Book or Daily Reader of Saving You is Killing Me: Take Back Your Power - Support For You (not the addict in your life). Join the list here and you will be the first to know about it!  


Daily Text Inspiration and Support- We are super excited to be launching a progressive style website where we can offer you text message support. When going through challenge like this, we believe strongly in the power of connection! You will receive a wealth of support and links to a massive data base of well-being support. 

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I've never been through a bigger struggle then losing the love of my life to drug addiction. No amount of 

training in resilience, human flourishing and psychology could have prepared me for this...

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Can't wait to support you on your book birthing journey! 


Hugs..  Andrea 

Saving You Is Killing Me

The Take Back Your Power Podcast

(Short Inspirations, Examples of Strength, Resilience Strategies, Healing and Self Care) Be a guest on the show! 

In addition to small snippets of psychological support, inspiration and compassion,  we honour personal 

stories of strength, knowledge and healing from people like you who have gone to hell and back...and are surviving!! 

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