Favourite Links  

  • Book:  Mind Over Mood

    Change How You Feel By Changing the Way You Think 

  • Book:  The Mindful Manifesto

    How doing less and noticing more can help us thrive in a stressed-out world

  • Audio:  Mindfulness for Beginners

    Brings the practice of mindfulness meditation to the widest possible audience

  • Book:  Mindfulness for Dummies

    Simple guide to the basics of mindfulness meditation

  • Website:  Penn MAPP course

    Penn’s innovative Master of Applied Positive Psychology programme

  • Book:  Positivity

    Discover the Groundbreaking Science to Release Your Inner Optimist and Thrive

  • Website:  Relate for Parents & Families

    Free online relationship advice for you and your family

  • Website:  Relax Kids

    Fun and interactive classes to help your child cope with life

  • Book:  Resilience

    The Science of Mastering Life's Greatest Challenges

  • Book:  Self-Compassion

    Stop Beating Yourself Up and Leave Insecurity Behind

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