Speakership & Workshop Leader  

Andrea is available to teach, train and present on a wide variety of topics all relating to health/fitness, life balance, positive psychology and communication. 


  • Workshops

  • Conventions 

  • Well-being In-School Support Programs 

  • Networking Group

  • Charities 

  • Presentations 

  • Keynotes 

  • Masterclasses 

Well-Being In-School Support Programs  

Andrea Seydel through LIVE LIFE HAPPY FOUNDATION and WISP is in the business of helping organizations help their students, staff and parents because she believes that engaged, mentally healthy, and effective people are the driving force for our future. She uses the scientific model for happiness and resilience training to teach children how to flourish. Andrea goes into schools and offers her well-being support services in a variety of capacities; as a guest speaker in class, a mind body break coach, guest teacher for health units, or as part of Assembly. 

Consulting & Support Services  


Sometimes we experience setbacks or face roadblocks to our personal success. Andrea understands asking for help or support is sometimes difficult. If you are feeling lost, are facing a problem or challenging situation that you don’t know how to handle, or would just like to talk to someone in a safe, non judgmental space, please contact Andrea.


Positive Psychology Coaching is a cooperative confidential process of working with a professional that focuses on the strengths that enable individuals to thrive, there by helping the client cope, manage and achieve clarity with challenging life situations.


Andrea is a genuinely caring, understanding and down to earth professional who demonstrates a positive warm initiative to help others in an honest, objective, confidential and realistic manner.

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