The Unconventional

We all love to learn, grow and develop effective life skills, but have very little time to read.

Live Life Happy Presents

"The Unconventional BOOKCLUB"


There are many non-fiction books out there with a wealth of knowledge, support and potential to enhance lives,

but remain un-read, their wisdom not acted upon.


Join us for a series of events with Andrea Seydel, avid reader, positive psychology practitioner, and certified life coach, for an unconventional approach to reading books as a community! Take a deep dive into the world of positive psychology coaching as Andrea teaches, highlights, and offers in-depth opportunity for application of the key concepts in each book.

How does The Unconventional Book Club work?

  • Participants vote from a pre-selected list. Spend the month reading the book or simply join the online event and have the book taught to you through lecture, lively discussion and breakout groups.

  • Attend an online meet-up held for 90 minutes during lunch or after work hours.

  • Learn the concepts as Andrea summarizes and presents the book.

  • Apply the content using actionable items to help you benefit from the key concepts.

Why does The Unconventional Book Club Work? 

  • Brings a sense of accomplishment: According to Martin Seligmen’s model of well-being, achievement is one of the critical elements that enhance our subjective well-being.

  • Time is a commodity: The Unconventional Book Club saves time and money while still providing immense learning opportunities.

  • Fresh content and inspiration: New learning and fresh content with every book ecourages involvement, motivation, and engagement.

  • High application & engagement: By using the coaching model and experiential approach, participants are engaged and experience measurable impact on productivity, well-being and happiness.


Become a part of the Unconventional Book Club!!

Cost: $25.00 per event, your first one is free with promo code BOOKCLUB


Next Book Club Dates: 

Struggle Well: March 23, 2020 7pm

Embody: April 27, 2020 7pm

Voting Out: May 25, 7pm


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